Why Choose Magento For Your Ecommerce Site Development?

Magento – A Leading Ecommerce CMS and Beyond

Empowering the online business of over 240,000 sellers dotted all across the world, Magento is an industry-leading, open-source E commerce website development CMS (Content management system) software. First launched by Varien Inc. in year 2008, today it is solely owned by the ecommerce giant eBay. Magento ecommerce development provides businesses with a complete package to boost their sales and revenues meeting their unique, personalized requirements.

Today, one of each four business opt for Magento to own a compelling online business presence. Built using PHP and Zend Framework, Magento leverage the benefits of award-winning MySQL database system and robust MVC architecture to provide businesses with user-friendly interfaces and excellent store management features; you need to partner with a professional Magento development company to relish in all these benefits.

Who are most recommended for Magento ecommerce Development

Whether you are a small business or a multinational business, Magento ensures great flexibility, and control for ecommerce development that fulfill your unique needs using extensive feature-set such as report generation, multi-store channel management, mobile commerce, SEO and catalogue management tools.

So, there is no denying that Magento has all the features expected by any serious online business out there. Moreover, the software is extremely customizable. However, one should not choose an ecommerce platform seeing its technology and features. Instead first ask yourself what all features and functioning is needed for your web store. And then find out if Magento ecommerce development can fulfill all your needs.

For some store owners, magneto’s advanced features may be of no use and it may unnecessary make things complicated for them. while the same features and extra functionality can be of great help to some businesses.

To help you make an informed decision, you may also consult a professional Magento develo0ment company who thrives a track record of delivering productive ecommerce sites with great user experience and sure-result business advice.

Magento has a steep learning curve that demands through understanding and many years of experience. So, make sure you don’t choose amateur or PHP hobbyists to work on your Magento ecommerce development project.

Pros of Magento Development

  • Open-source, fully customizable ecommerce CMS development platform
  • Free community version for affordable ecommerce store development
  • Robust, scalable, and feature rich
  • SEO-friendly design and advanced search engine optimization features
  • Extremely user-friendly navigation and store management
  • Thrives a huge community including developers, users and service providers from all around the world
  • Multiple payment options and payment extensions supported
  • Mobile friendly
  • User Accounts with admin defined access permissions
  • In-built Marketing and promotional tools; Analytics and Reporting tools; Catalogue browsing and management
  • It is highly secure and stable platform
  • Multiple currency supported
  • Multiple online store front pages
  • Responsive online shopping cart
  • Shipping modules meeting any complex need a store may have
  • A large number of other modules that are easy to set up and can help get a bespoke online store way beyond your expectations

Cons of Magento Development

  • Customization are time-consuming. If time is money for you, hiring an expert magneto development company makes a complete sense.
  • Finding talented and experienced Magento developers is a challenging job.
  • While community version of Magento is free, you need to pay a good amount for Enterprise version and the additional technical support needed from your Magento development company.
  • Needs a dedicated server hosting. Running it from a shared hosting may slow down loading and lower user experience of your Magento store.

What things you should consider while choosing a Magento development company

Here are some most important factors to consider while hiring a Magento development company to make your selection a first step to success.

  • Hands on experience in Magento customization and integration
  • Skilled resources for Magento development; check their work portfolio to measure their expertise.
  • Proven methodologies and established development practices are a key to success.
  • Effective communication
  • Post-development support is required and know what other services are offered
  • Emphasize on the quality work
  • Customer references can ease your decision making process
  • Cost certainly matters a lot

Choose Baymediasoft as your Magento development partner in India

Magento development team at Baymediasoft has successfully completed a large number of ecommerce development projects for worldwide clients, leveraging the flexibility, scalability, security and greater scope of customization of the software. They don’t just aim to build stunning online stores, but help businesses get a complete control on their web based stores ensuring they deliver optimal performance.

Speak to an expert business analyst at Baymediasoft to discuss your ecommerce development needs.

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