Top Resources That Every Android App Developer Should Know

With the exponential growth of android app development worldwide, the community of android app developers too is increasing fast. The mobile platform has encountered many revolutionary changes since 2013 adding more to its potential as a next-generation mobile app development platform.

Now regardless if you are a beginner or a seasoned android app developer, here are some best resources including blogs and websites that can be of great help in creating successful android apps.

1. Developer Android


Instead of essential it is more of an obvious resource to check out regularly as the Google maintains this page team itself. This official web page has all the basic documentations as well as training section for android app developers of all levels of expertise. The site also feature expert guidelines on design and distribution.

You can also subscribe to the official Android developers You Tube channel, here you can learn a lot about android development, design and UX.


stack overflow

Here you will find many Android core framework engineers, expert android app developers and developer advocates regularly answering the questions on the site.

3. Android Weekly

android weekly

If you are truly searching for an android development newsletter worth subscribing to, Android Weekly is the name. Keeping this into your mailing list will pay you off. It covers new libraries, tools, blogs and lot more to help the global android development community. Yet, if you don’t want to subscribe to the newsletter, you can always visit the site every Monday and stay updated with latest news in the android world.

4. Treehouse

tree house

The site offers a great collection of lessons and tutorials of android app development covering both basic and advance topics. You can also subscribe to the site to have access to many other courses they have on offer.

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5. The New Boston


Well, if you are more fond of video tutorials, check out the New Boston’s impressive collection of 200 Android app development video tutorials. And all these video lessons are absolutely FREE! Watching them at your leisure and pace, you can surely make your way through android app development.

Regardless if you are into android app development for simply fun or you want to pave your way to a brilliant career as an android developer, these web based resources are quite helpful for both beginners and expert developers. Allow some time to refer to this resources in your daily or weekly schedule, and it shall help you build an amazing android app for the Google Play Store.

Though having many years of experience into coding, Android app developers at Baymediasoft are always passionate to spot useful online resources to sharpen their skills, upgrade their knowledge and stay tune with the latest news of the android development community. We are a top-notch android app development company with prime focus on quality coding and constant learning into android app development.

Want to know what other resources our android app developers refer to? Get in touch with us today!

Have we missed any useful resource here? Please feel free to share it in the comment box below.

Happy Coding!

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