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Why Need Mobile App Marketing?

While there are over 1 million apps in Google Play Store and more than 900,000 apps in the Apple App store, getting visitors for your recently launched mobile app has become extremely challenging task. And this is when the outstanding mobile app marketing services offered by Baymediasofta premier mobile app marketing company based in India, comes on the scene.


Why Partner with Us for Your App Marketing Needs

Mobile App marketing isn’t merely about improving ranking in app store and spending your hard earned cash on adverts; you will find a large number of companies offering such marketing services for your mobile app. But at Baymediasoft, we build value for your app which distinguishes us from our market competitors.

Our digital marketing experts emphasize upon defining a cohesive strategy that best showcase the benefits of your mobile app amongst your targeted audience. Our aim is to help you find the people who look for services or information your mobile app offers. And most importantly, we make you reach your customers in more effective way than all your market rivals, or probably even before your rivals find them.

Major Components of App Marketing Services Include

  • Pre-Launch Marketing – We create a lot of buzz for the app with our proven tactics such as creating a demo video, designing an exclusive launch page, making accounts on major social media platforms, publishing press releases, and setting up a web analytic platform that helps evaluate our marketing efforts.
  • App Store Optimization – According to a study, more than 63% of app store visitors find apps by using the ‘Search’ facility. We will help you come down to the keywords that can optimize your app for search results. We also optimize your app keywords for search engines and all targeted audience.
  • Launching Strategy & Promotions – First impression is the last impression. Isn’t it? So, we make sure you do it the right way owing to our connections and great expertise.
  • Revenue Generation – We set up a business model for the app that make you realize all your goals behind app development, whether is making money or brand building.

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Bespoke Solutions

We don’t believe on one size fits all rule. Instead we understand that every client belongs to different industry and has different set of requirements for their app marketing. And thus, we don’t just tuck into adverts and app descriptions, but we build a strategy that is tailor-made to your app and brand, and stick to it throughout the project. This custom approach helps us get you quality visitors consistently.

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