Magento – A phenomenal platform to develop your e-commerce application


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December 14, 2018


MAGENTO is an Open-Source platform for merchants with cart system, control and functionality of their online store. Magento eCommerce service platform is written in PHP, purvey flexible shopping cart systems, compelling marketing, Search Engine Optimization. It uses MVC(Model-View-Controller)and Zend Framework.  Magento development company has proven its efficiency as well as performance. Due to its high ability, it is known as the most powerful shopping cart. The most popular brands named as Coca-Cola, Ford, Nike, Olympus, etc. uses Magento as an eCommerce platform.

Magento relates to highly successful and efficient shopping cart so that you get a maximum asset from your ecommerce website. It has the best security system which is beyond SEO. .It provides a range of plug-ins and themes which increase your experience. At present, it is having two versions: Magento Community and Magento Enterprises. Both versions are free and majorly focused on small business. With its enormous availability, you can get help anywhere and everywhere.

Magento the leading eCommerce development platform having 100,000+ online retailers. There are many other eCommerce websites available in the market. Every platform has their aspect. Let’s discuss why Magento is given priority over other platforms:

By requirement, size and budget of every business, everyone uses Magneto.


1.The Enhanced Feature Of The Account

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