How to Design Interactive Mobile Apps for Kids?


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December 14, 2018


Last week, I was surprised by how easily a four years old kid was capable of scrolling through a list of mobile applications on his mother’s smartphone and opening his favorite video. It made me think; did the mobile app designer need to follow same principles while creating an application for adults? How did they presume the user behavior and demands of different age groups and build the interactive design? Today, you can find several mobile applications in the app marketplace that are solely designed for the kids such as Disney Animated, Crazy Gears, GoNoodle Kids, etc. Creating apps for kids is more challenging than developing for adults as it demands the in-depth research and several significant considerations.

There are various things you need to understand while creating a mobile app for kids of varied age groups. In this blog, I will discuss what designers should keep in mind while attempting to design interactive apps for kids. Let’s start:

Designing for Kids vs Designing for Adults

It’s difficult to make a three-year-old sit calm while describing a long story. But it’s not that tough to make a college-going guy sit for three hours in a training session. The difference between these two situations is perception.

The college-going guy learns the session as a positive experience as it may help in building his career. However, the kids see this training session as a barrier to something else that he or she would rather be doing for that time like playing. You must keep this main difference in mind while preparing the design.

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