Why We Prefer Laravel Over Other PHP Frameworks?

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December 14, 2018


Why We Prefer Laravel Over Other PHP Frameworks?

With the team of highly-experienced PHP developers, Baymediasoft has developed diverse of Laravel-based web applications and sites. Basically, Laravel is an open-source PHP framework which makes web development easier for programmers. Today, every developer and PHP development company prefer Laravel for the majority of web projects i.e. authentication, sessions, routing, and caching. Though, one will find multiple PHP frameworks in the online market but why Baymediasoft and most individuals today choose Laravel? Let’s find out:

Laravel Web Development

Laravel aims to make the web application development process a pleasant one for the developers without losing app functionality. It comes with some of the most powerful tools highly required for robust web applications. We, at Baymediasoft, have been using Laravel framework for many years. We have tested other PHP frameworks as well. However, we found Laravel development as one of the most reliable and best technology. A superb combination of powerful migration system, control container, and well-integrated unit testing support provides you with the tools that you need to build a high-end application.

In this blog, we will explain some few points which prove that why we prefer Laravel over other PHP Frameworks:

Open Source Framework

Available for free, Laravel is an open source framework which allows you to develop complex web applications with ease. With a text editor and PHP installation, you can quickly start working on Laravel development. It comes with a well-documented syntax which is easy to learn and deploy. Laravel also provides some astounding built-in features that make the routing, authentication, queuing, sessions, caching, and other time-consuming tasks easier for the developers.

MVC Architecture

In web application development, the transparency between business logic and presentation is essential. Based on MVC Architecture, Laravel comes with plenty of built-in-functions while improving performance and providing better documentation. Laravel is known for providing clarity in MVC Pattern and Documentation. In Laravel web development, you get neat, easily understandable, and more organized documentation.

Inbuilt Object-Oriented Libraries

Laravel comes with several pre-installed object-oriented libraries which make it one of the most recommended PHP framework. It consists 20+ pre-installed libraries including Authentication library which is the most useful one. Unlike other frameworks, Laravel offers enhanced security features such as encryption, CSRF protection, and login & database securities.

Unit Testing

Laravel allows you to evaluate specific feature or functionality of a web application while performing unit testing using PHP Unit. Moreover, it automatically sets the PHPUnit.XML file. Therefore, you can easily write test cases and execute unit testing during the development process. In addition, Laravel allows defining custom test methods as per the specific testing requirements of the project.


While building a web application, everyone wants to make it highly secure. Laravel takes care of the security while using salted and hashed password. Besides, it uses Bcrypt hashing algorithm in order to generate an encrypted representation of your password. Laravel also uses prepared SQL statements that make injection attacks impossible.

Community Support

As a developer, you may have to face many difficulties. Laravel has a great community which makes it a reliable framework among others. If you report any security breach or problem in the framework, the response is quick. Laravel also uses prepared SQL statements that make injection attacks almost impossible while escaping user input.

So, these are some of the reasons why we always prefer Laravel over other PHP frameworks. This development framework is promising which has provided many opportunities to the aspirants looking forward to building complex web applications.

Baymediasoft is known for providing the most innovative Laravel development services. We have a highly experienced team of Laravel developers who have actively contributed in building exceptional custom web applications.

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