What Is Minimum Viable Product & Why You Should Opt It?

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December 15, 2018


What Is Minimum Viable Product & Why You Should Opt It?

The MVP or minimum viable product is the product with the greatest ROI versus risk. It lies between the initial and final product, which is the product without the essential features that fail instantly when shipped and the products with too many exciting features that cut return and increase the risk.

MVP is an approach for obtaining significant feedback in the initial and most critical stages of product development. Minimum Viable product is especially useful because it provides products to expand and grow by challenging the development teams to test and revise their ideas for the product development.

The MVP includes all those core features, which allow the product to be developed and deployed. In this process, the MVP product is deployed to a set of possible customers or adopters. The early customers are thought to be more likely to provide beneficial feedback, and able to understand the vision of the product from marketing information or a prototype.

MVP is also known as a strategy targeted at avoiding developing a product that won’t be preferred by the vital customers. It is also known as the version of a new product to be launched which allows the team of developers or the business person to collect the crucial amount information about customers’ interest and requirements with the least effort.

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Minimum Viable Product for Mobile App Development

you have a creative app idea, and you are about to initiate the development process. It is imperative to remember the following things. Before launching a business idea, the business people first develop an MPV (minimum viable product) and start conducting various tests to invalidate or validate their assumptions about the idea, i.e. to check whether the idea is fruit full or not.

An MVP can be part of a process and strategy directed toward developing and selling the product to the customers. It is the base in the monotonous process of idea generation, developing a prototype, presentation, data collection, data analysis, and learning. Business person endeavors to minimize the total time spent on a single process. The process is made continuous until a desirable product preferred by the target customers is obtained, or until the final product is assumed to be non-viable.

Purposes of Building a Minimum Viable Product

  • To test a prototype product and theory with least resources
  • To accelerate the learning and data collection process
  • To reduce the wasted engineering hours
  • To get the product prototype to early customers for feedbacks
  • To prepare a base for other products to be launched

Results achieved from the minimum viable product test provide the crucial information regarding the product. It offers the scenario that should the business person move forward with the idea and concept or what modifications should be done to generate more response from the customers. The testing results will also evaluate if the initial problem has been solved or not in a manner that makes sense to step forward.

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