Vue js Framework is making Development Easier

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October 4, 2018


Vue js Framework is making Development Easier

Vue.JS is the new framework in the technology town. The framework is making the development process amazing with its smart ways of getting things done. With Vue.js you can easily create single page apps or server-side rendered pages with the help of Node.js (as the backend).

The ReactJS and AngularJS both can create creative user-interfaces then why a new framework was introduced for making the user-interface more innovative?

ReactJS and Vue.js both have many things in common. Like, both the platforms are having Document Object Model (DOM), for making composable and responsive view components.

But both the platform has heavy syntaxes, lengthy codes and some unwanted features which are not useful in development. So there was a need for a platform which has all the positive aspects of both the platforms but doesn’t have the unwanted ones.

Have the best of both the frameworks: AngularJS and ReactJS

Vue.js is the best among both the frameworks. It has inherited various properties from its predecessors, and thus it is the best framework of 2018.

From ReactJS, it received the component-based approach, performance, virtual rendering ability, one-way data flow for components hierarchy and understanding capability for the importance of proper state management of apps.

From AngularJS, it received related templates having right syntax, and two-way binding (whenever it is required in the single component).

The Inspiration of Vue.js: AngularJS

‘Evan You’ worked on several AngularJS projects when he was working at Google. He realized that something light-weighted should be available which is having all the best parts of AngularJS which don’t have any additional concepts. He developed Vue.js, a perfect light-weighted frontend development framework.

AngularJS and Vue.js framework have similar syntax like v-if vs. ng-if. This is because AngularJS has many amazing features that have not only inspired Vue.js but also many other JS development frameworks have used them in their early stages of development. In short, you can that Vue.js is an improved version of AngularJS.

The best concepts about the Vue.js framework

As we know, Vue.js is an inheritance of AngularJS. It is having everything best that Angular have and that too without involving anything extra in it. Vue.js is flexible, simple and provides superior modularity and runtime performance.


Vue.js is very simple regarding both design and API. A web developer can easily build simple applications in a day. But this is not in the case of AngularJS.

Runtime Performance

It is far better than AngularJS when it is about runtime performance. AngularJS becomes very slow with a lot of visitors. This makes it annoyingly slow down the process.

Modularity and Flexibility

It has a flexible and modular replacement. Those who don’t want to code everything or any part of the app’s interface, Vue.js provides a web-pack template while not restricting any access to superior feature sets: CSS extraction, hot module reloading, linting, etc.

Vue.js has dependency-tracking observation system with the unsynchronized queues which ensure that changes should trigger individually.

Directives vs. Components

Vue.js is having a deep difference between both directives and components. Directives overlap DOM manipulations whereas Components are self-sufficient elements, having their own data logic and view. In AngularJS, the component is a subdivision of directive.


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