Top 6 Features of Successful Android Application Development

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December 15, 2018


Top 6 Features of Successful Android Application Development

Thanks to the technological advancements the features of mobile apps are making things pretty smooth now. We can, now, virtually do everything just with a tap on our smartphones – right from booking tickets for movies, trains, buses, flights to paying the bills! And this wouldn’t be possible if there were no mobile apps! The numerous features of a mobile app help us in performing several tasks with comfort and convenience, while at the office or when traveling.

In fact, Android app development is a boon for business growth and productivity.

As the mobile app market is overflowing with a plenty of Android apps, it gives a broad range of choices.

Among the plenty of features, the ones of a mobile app that businesses worldwide use to come up with enterprise mobility solutions are enhanced productivity and an unparalleled user experience.

The write-up covers six usability features of Android apps on the mobile devices that make it successful and give an edge over a plenty in the cut-throat competition.

Feedback System

  • Feedback is a reflection of your brand – they are just like mirrors. It let people, your users know that you are concerned about them and decides the offered services. This kind of evaluation makes it necessary for the developers of Android Mobile apps to implement a feedback system.
  • The feature of a feedback system in an Android mobile app is the most preferred choice of stakeholders – as it gives them the authority to present their views actively. To implement feedback system, you can offer a link to an email or a button. All you need to be ensured about the way you choose, users get the promptest way to report flaws and criticize and suggest.
  • If you provide an option for the feedback it is a win-win strategy, where users acknowledge the reality that you are open to receive user comebacks; it shows that you are acceptable to change and give a unique experience. Moreover, it helps you to improve your mobile solution.


  • The reason why apps are developed is that things get easy for users, so, spend a lot to come up a jaw-dropping aesthetic masterpiece can make you lose a plenty of your users. Rather than coming up with a mobile app which is eye-candy for the users feature an interface that simply focuses on offering a lot of usabilities. The feature of usability of a mobile app makes it more intuitive, accessible and draws your brand image.
  • Consider the app hierarchy of the popular social media applications for mobile like Facebook, Instagram and other such. Users love beautiful designs but, totally prefer an Android mobile app which has amazing features and smooth navigations.

Simple is attractive

  • It becomes pretty fascinating to develop a ‘feature-rich’ mobile app, and that is certainly fine if the attributes are intended for its purpose. Despite the fact, there are a plenty of such mobile apps which have a few and not-so-remarkable features the ultimate value and usability gets destroyed.
  • The best possible way is to just adhere to the simple features that users like and prefer in a mobile app and then come up with something that fulfills the same. Focus on improving the functionalities and bypass overstuffing the mobile app with undesirable features.

Offline Capabilities

  • It is not at all essential that your mobile receives an excellent response from everywhere. In such cases, a majority of apps stops running the race. It is much depressing and even bothersome for users if the mobile app has no offline capabilities feature.
  • Consequently, focus on developing an app which features unique ‘offline capabilities’; rather an app with an excess of interactive elements that less require super-fast internet connectivity. When you focus on providing usability online as well as offline, it boosts up your complete image about the app in the users’ mind.

Social Media Integration

  • The chief aim of developing an Android app is to present over the top UX; so ensure to produce simple sign-in accessibility. For instance, you can give the users, the availability to log in using their registered social media accounts. Apparently, when you implement such features in a mobile app, be careful of having easily manageable provisions to remember passwords and user ID names.

Keep it relevant

  • Irrelevancy kills – Ensure that the content you feature on an Android mobile app is something that is an addition to your business website. So, don’t get into creating user experiences on mobile devices which are simply a reflection of the web browsers. It becomes completely ineffective, serves nothing, whatsoever. Focus on presenting app relevant information to secure a unique experience that excels the limits of your mobile website.

Bottom Line

A tremendous number of attempts with the right features goes in developing a precisely, configured Android mobile app, implemented with ‘competitive’ features that give your business an edge support in the rapidly changing marketplace and extreme desire for ROI.

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