Top 5 Mobile App Testing Tools Preferred By The Most Developers.

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December 15, 2018


Top 5 Mobile App Testing Tools Preferred By The Most Developers.

A large number of application testing tools have been created in past few years to support mobile app development. Today, more companies are launching their own mobile apps that need to be supported on different devices, platforms, and versions. Being an app developer, you should assure that your mobile app perfectly works and that there are no issues on release.

When it comes to choose what mobile app testing tool is right for you, there is a vast range of options available, each with different features, strengths, weaknesses, and possesses certain characteristics. Some of the testing tools are free; some are relatively expensive. Some tools were developed years ago; some have just launched on the market.

This article uncovers some of the best mobile app testing tools available in the market:

1. Robotium for Android

Robotium is one of the most utilized automated testing tools for an application supported on Android. It is a free Android app testing tool suitable for various Android versions and sub-versions. Testing generated by Robotium is written in Java. Robotium takes much time & efforts to create tests as one needs to work with the source code to automate tests. This tool is not suitable to work with system software as it cannot lock and unlock a smartphone or tablet. Besides, it doesn’t provide screenshots to keep Records.

2. MonkeyRunner for Android

With MonkeyRunner, you don’t need to deal with the source code to automate tests. Testing created by MonkeyRunner is written in Python, so it is possible to use a recording tool for generating tests. It can perform testing on real devices connected to a desktop or laptop. MonkeyRunner’s API allows you to control a smartphone, tablet from outside of code. The major drawback of MonkeyRunner is that you need to write scripts for each device while using MonkeyRunner tool.

3. Frank for ios

Frank allows developers to write structured text test and acceptance tests with Cucumber. It is an automated acceptance testing tool for iOS developers (can be used for iPhone and iPad apps). Frank also consist a powerful app inspector (Symbiote) that helps you to get detailed information on your running app. It is a widely used testing tool that describes the behavior of web apps.

4. iOS UI Automation for iOS

Developers can also use iOS UI Automation to automate user interface tests for mobile application with test scripts that you created. These test scripts simulate user actions via UI Automation, which is a JavaScript programming interface. UI Automation defines particular actions to be done in your app as it runs. Moreover, you can perform script editing using built-in script editor. This tool only works with the apps that are coded in a development provisioning profile.

5. KeepItFunctional for iOS

KeepItFunctional (KIF) is iOS integration testing tool created by the company “square”. It allows easy automation of iOS applications by using the accessibility attributes. It performs the tests using an XCTest testing target. You can execute test cases with objective C that can be performed on the iPhone or iPad simulator. With this app, you can simulate various user interactions like click, drag, tap, and many more.


So these are some of the best mobile app testing tools that can help you develop breath-taking applications. If you are looking for a trusted mobile app development company to get an innovative mobile app for your business, you have landed at the right place. We at, Baymediasoft provide the most creative PhoneGap, iPhone, iPad, and iPhone app development services at the best prices. Our dedicated team of mobile app developers uses the advanced testing tools in order to come up with an amazing app.

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