Top 10 Reasons To Choose PrestaShop For Your eCommerce Website.

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December 15, 2018

Top 10 Reasons To Choose PrestaShop For Your ECommerce Website.

Why choose PrestaShop?

If you are looking around for the best eCommerce development platform for your first web based store, here are top 10 reasons why PrestaShop is worth considering.

1. There is no challenge mastering the Admin Panel

Compared to its market rivals, Admin panel offered by a PrestaShop eCommerce store flaunts more user-friendly design with relatively shorter learning curve. This truly matters to those who are planning to create their first online store over the web.

2. It offers a good selection of Private Sales Modules

If you are a regular online shopper, you probably know how sometimes the stores provide you with an exclusive offer in your account or through email. Doesn’t it make you feel more special and privileged? Online store owners use private sales module to give unbeatable deals to a group of potential customers; these are limited stock offers.

PrestaShop online store owners aren’t left behind in the race. The platform provide them with many extension modules for private sales, which eventually help them attract new users to registration, promote product more effectively and boost site traffic.

3. You leverage excellent community support

The eCommerce development platform benefits from a huge community. Don’t believe it? Check out this forum. You will find a really large group of users including PrestaShop users as well as developers and designers contributing their share to an excellent community support platform.

4. It is open-source CMS

Having a tight budget? PrestaShop is a free, open-source eCommerce CMS. Using this platform, you can save big on eCommerce store development; the saved amount can be used for your digital marketing campaign later.

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5. It is SEO-friendly

Having an SEO-optimized online store is the need of the hour. There are millions of eCommerce sites out there and if you want to be seen by the target audience, SEO-friendly UI/UX is inevitable. PrestaShop understand the importance of SEO and thus let you change title, URL and other SEO-related attributes easily.

6. It is easy to create and customize a PrestaShop Store

Hire a professional PrestaShop Development Company in India who can help you set up a store in the cost-effective manner. Building a custom designed PrestaShop store takes relatively less time and efforts.

7. It is more server-efficient platform!

eCommerce sites built using PrestaShop doesn’t have high demands on web server resources to run efficiently unlike Magento. You need not to invest in expensive servers with PrestaShop. What’s more, the platform has in-built page indexing feature, which helps site performs faster.

8. Language is no more a barrier with PrestaShop

If you aren’t aware, PrestaShop is a multilingual eCommerce development platform; simply put, your PrestaShop store can be translated into many different languages, so you can target a larger demographic!

9. So many modules and themes: Get spoiled by the choices!

Click here to shop from a large number of themes and modules that can help you increase your online store’s functioning in no time. The platform takes complete accountability for the quality and security of these modules, so you can go ahead integrating them. Discuss with your PrestaShop development company to learn more about various modules the platform has on offer.

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10. The platform is constantly improving!

PrestaShop keeps releasing new updates to help store owners get the most of their online business. The world of eBusiness is changing fast and choosing PrestaShop for your eCommerce development are to assure you that you aren’t left behind in the market competition.

To sum up:

PrestaShop is best recommended for SMEs who are not planning any expansion of business in near future. Compared to other eCommerce development platforms available out there like Magento and Drupal, setting up a PrestaShop eCommerce store will need less time and money. Want to learn more about the benefits and limitations of PrestaShop consult a reputed PrestaShop development company today!

Happy online selling!

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