Top 10 Mobile App Marketing Tools For Marketers.

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December 15, 2018


Top 10 Mobile App Marketing Tools For Marketers.

With the speed at which apps are developed these days, the need of staying on top of popularity indexes is a necessity. All this means that the efforts put in by the mobile app marketing team of development companies needs to be strong enough to beat competition and ensure that their developed apps are a hit on app stores. All this brings us to the point of having tools that can aid the app marketing campaigns.

let us now take you through the top 10 marketing tools for mobile apps.

1.   AdMob

This is an excellent tool for any mobile app marketing company or marketers. It brings about a combination of high class technology under one platform. The tool allows you to gain important insights related to users, provoke more purchases and eventually accentuate revenue from your ads.

2.   StartApp

StartApp is a monetization and advertising platform for Android and iOS. It is compatible with iOS 8, Xcode 6 and Swift. App marketers can utilize this tool for engaging and unique ad units along with innovative options to add. Further, integration is extremely smooth.

3.   MobileDevHQ

This tool is best for optimization on App Store. It provides excellent features for keyword research for fitting into preview pages of Google Play and App Store. This proves beneficial for getting found in searches. The interface of this tool is sleek and reports are exportable.

4.   Applause

This excellent tool helps to measure reviews for your app. It measures the quality of your app for different attributes and provides you with scores. These scores can provide insights about how your app is performing against competition. This tool also has the capability of grouping reviews based on keywords.

5.   Jampp

This excellent tool streamlines your entire process of mobile app marketing. It is extremely useful with regards to user acquisition, thus leading to re-engagement of your users. This is a managed service that makes the process of app marketing extremely simple and seamless. ROI is guaranteed with this tool.

6.   Tapjoy

Tapjoy is a perfect tool for monetization of your mobile apps. You can use actionable videos in terms of ads for this. App marketers can benefit from this tool as it allows them to reach a wide and engaging audience and discover untapped markets for your app promotion.

7.   Appboy

This tool is perfect for user retention. It integrates in apps and tracks your users who install or download your apps. It then provides a list of users based on demographics and behaviors, thus allowing you to strategize accordingly.

8.   Flurry

Flurry is an attractive tool for tracking user behavioral information. It helps app marketers to build quality audience for their apps. The interstitial ads, banners and videos rendered by Flurry aid in increasing your app installs and provide ROI along with user retention. Moreover, you can cross promote your developed apps for free using this tool.

9.   Chartboost

Chartboot is a tool that helps monetize your apps. The tool provides insightful data and other information to aid you in making informed and intelligent decisions. The customized and native experience of this tool makes app promotion more of a suggestion for users, rather than some advertisement.

10.   InMobi

The lightweight and single SDK provided by InMobi provides superior experience for app monetization. It has a comprehensive format of ads and a flexible SDK that allows marketers to make modifications based on user experience without the need of changing codes.

Utilizing the potential of these tools for marketing your apps is highly recommended. If you still need inputs, then Baymediasoft is here to help you. With immense expertise as a mobile app marketing company, Baymediasoft can prove beneficial for your app marketing endeavor. A vibrant team, use of innovative techniques and a robust work culture is what you can expect from Baymediasoft.

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