Tips for Successfully Outsourcing Web Development Team

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December 13, 2018


Tips for Successfully Outsourcing Web Development Team

Outsourcing the projects has always been a gossip topic. Many project managers and entrepreneurs ask questions like “Is Outsourcing the Web development a good choice?” or “What is the best method of outsourcing?”, also “Should I go for outsourcing of web development of projects?” There are many doubts, questions, and a lot of what & why related to the outsourcing web developers. We have taken many outsourcing projects, and we would like to share tips for successful outsourcing.

You have to define your requirements before asking any company for outsourcing your project. The top-most thing to be considered before discussing the tips for successful outsourcing is you should clear everything in your context about cost, quality, and trust.

Take a look at this infographic to know to get more tips for successful outsourcing

Cost, Quality, and Trust

The benefit of doing outsourcing from a web development company is you get a reliable and qualityproduct.

If you want your work to be done efficiently, then go for the remote development team. You’ll work with a reliable and professional team, so outsourcing to Web Development Company is the right choice for your project.

Here are the tips for successful outsourcing:

  1. Know your Project and choose the right company

If you don’t have any idea about your needs and what you want to achieve, then it could be a huge pain for you.

There are various web development tasks and each task needs to be approached strategically. Companies have a specialized domain, and they do tremendously in developing their domain applications. The essential thing you should do is, go through the past projects they’ve completed and with whom they have worked. By looking at their previous projects and designing method, you can decide either you want them or not.

However, in the initial phase of finding a web development company, it’s about how you communicate with other companies and choosing the best among them.

  1. Key is “Communication”

One of the trickiest things in outsourcing is communication. Different time zones, availability, and schedules are the essential controlling elements.Using the right tools for communicating can improve your work efficiency. Tools that can improve your work efficiency are GitHub, InVision, Slack, Teamweek, and Moqups.

You can observe the progress of your project using Teamweek, share the work using GitHub, InVision, and Moqups, also you can communicate using Slack, and Skype. These tools will help your team in staying on the same page. Communication can uplift your business level and helps in completing the tasks successfully.

  1. Share your views

Your input is necessary and most valuable for any outsourcing web development company.

Feedback helps the company to know when their customers are unsatisfied and unhappy, so feedback makes them give more attention to your project. Complaint act as a warning sign and this prevents service failures as by knowing it team can fix the issues that can cause significant problems later.

In your project, feel free to express your views.

  1. Ask your Queries

Try to visualize your project from beginning to end and see which difficulty can arise. Make sure you cover all the bases and get straightforward answers. You don’t want to have any surprising issue in the middle of your project so prepare a list of questions and ask your remote team. Just don’t stop with the proposal, ask your queries and try to know your company’s views regarding the problems.

To avoid any further issues, get the answers by being straightforward.

  1. Get your Project Manager

An outsourcing project should have a project manager that supervises all the work and tasks, also make sure that the whole team is on the same page.

It’s essential to involve a project manager while outsourcing a project. Some teams spend a lot of energy and time for dealing with the problems because they don’t have an idea how to resolve the issues.

Having a dedicated management process helps you in ensuring that problems are solved readily.

  1. Begin with small tasks

Some tasks can be given before outsourcing a project. If you start your work with a lack of knowledge, then it may cost you too much. Try to provide small tasks first, and then go for big.

Go with a project that’s very simple and small in scope so that you can have a better idea of the company’s capabilities. Also, you can limit the payment for clearly defining the milestones.

  1. Go for a contract

Information that helps you in justifying the cost of outsourcing firms is that they support you and maintain a record of your work, even when your developers leave your project; they guide you in completing your work. They help you in the conversion of your project.

It is a tremendous benefit that can be seen with outsourcing web development projects to a firm, you can have insurance of the code. If anything crashes, you’ll be covered financially. If you don’t have any formal contract, then the messy battle will go on without any end.


If you follow a few rules, then outsourcing web development project is not that difficult. Better communication and proper management are the tips for successful outsourcing web development, using these techniques your outsourced project will go in a right direction.

We at Baymediasoft have highly experienced PHP and Magento developers, and they use their potential approach in various outsourcing scenarios. You can contact us for your next outsourcing web development project and have a discussion related to your remote web development team.

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