The Best Laravel-based CMSs that You can Use in 2017

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December 15, 2018


The Best Laravel-based CMSs that You can Use in 2017

Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks which is preferred by most developers today. It comes with a well-documented syntax which is easy to learn and deploy. Laravel also provides some amazing built-in features that make the routing, authentication, queuing, sessions, caching, and other time-consuming tasks easier for the developers.

Several Laravel powered CMS systems are introduced in the past years. If you are looking forward to launch a new website or application that needs a content management system and backend, here is a list of some of the most popular Laravel CMSs that are available today:

October CMS

It is known as the most popular and easiest CMS based on the Laravel PHP Framework. With several themes and plugins, it is an open-source CMS platform that makes the web development flexible for you. It comes with a modular CMS that makes it a fully-production-ready platform. It provides you with three installation process: 1. Blank, 2. Theme, 3. Ready-made. With full control of your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, it is easy to create custom features.

Asgard CMS

With modern coding standards, it is a full-featured multilingual content management system used to create the complex site. Based on Bootstrap, it comes with fully responsive themes that work amazingly on all kind of mobile devices. The modern dashboard consists of custom widgets that provide your website with a great visibility.


Lavalite is based on the most popular bootstrap framework that allows you to make your site fully responsive. It comes with a wide range of front-end templates that can be further customized. Lavalite also allows you to install any laravel packages which are easily available online. Available for free, it is easy to install and use lavalite.


It comes with a clean and simple control panel which is built on standardized patterns and principles. The control panel makes it easy to create and manage the website. PyroCMS can translate content into several languages with ease. It also provides the CLI tools that enable you to create add-ons and data structures in a very short time frame. However, you can develop high-level Laravel websites and applications while using Pyro.

All these 4 laravel-based CMSs are recommended by our highly-experienced PHP developer. You can choose anyone as per your needs and specifications. If you are having any problem regarding Laravel web development, then simply fill our contact form or put your queries in the comment section.

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