React Native: The Best Framework for Building Native Apps

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December 14, 2018


React Native: The Best Framework for Building Native Apps

Planning to launch a mobile app? Well, you must have heard about React Native which is widely used in mobile app development. Launched by Facebook, React Native is an open-source framework which is highly preferred by budding developers all over the world.

Being a leading mobile app development company, we come across several business owners who are confused between different framework available to build native apps. This blog is intended to unfold the practical aspects of using React Native in mobile app development. Before we discuss more about this popular technology, let’s first know more about native apps and their advantages:

What is the Native App?

Native apps are the apps that are developed specifically for a particular platform; Android or iPhone. Android apps are mainly written in Java. And, iPhone has its own language Swift or Objective-C. Native applications are highly preferred by app publishers due to their advanced UI interactions, native look & feel, and high usability.

Several tools are available to develop an Android or iPhone app which boost the speed of development without using the native script. But, React Native is an ideal option for building performant Android and iOS apps which feel at home on their platforms.

Why Should You Use React Native for Mobile App Development?

React Native empowers mobile app developers to write one set of code and enjoy the performance of a Native application. It is also a powerful solution to build cross-platform apps without compromising UX (user experience). But, what makes it an excellent app development framework, let’s find out:

Cross-platformInitially, React Native was only designed for iOS, but due to its immense success and popularity, Facebook decided to develop the support for Android as well. Being an open-source framework, React Native allows you to develop both iOS and Android app simultaneously using one codebase, leading to lower development costs.

Reduced Compile TimeMobile app developers always get frustrated when they have to wait for an application to compile. With React Native, compile times have been reduced a lot. It will give you an incredibly freeing experience when you compile the app. Moreover, you can add file watchers to reload the app automatically while saving a file. Meaning, everything in your file will be automatically updated, and you’ll get the results instantly.

Community-drivenSupported and continuously pushed forward by a huge development community. React Native is a popular app development framework. An enthusiastic team of JS and native developers are available to share their knowledge and expertise. Moreover, you get a great collection of freely available components.

Strong Performance for Mobile Environments

The React Native framework is perfectly tuned to mobile devices which makes use of the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), making the mobile app development faster. React Native also comes with the ‘live reload’ feature which allows you to instantly see the result of an update that you have made to the code.

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Modular and Intuitive Architecture

The intuitive and modular interface of React Native makes it easier for other developers to dive into other projects and build upon it. It enhances the flexibility of a development team and makes it effortless to make upgrades to applications. Furthermore, testers need lesser time to understand the app structure or programming logic to create suitable testing scenarios.

Conclusively, all these factors mentioned above encourage lower costs, fast deployment and easy upkeep, leading to a high net benefit for users. The usage of React Native adds the agility and speed found in website development to the mobile app development.

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