Outsource Link Building – An Ultimate Guide

Outsourcing Link Building
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October 7, 2022

Link building is one of the most crucial elements of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Still, it is often ignored and misunderstood by many businesses. Even if you have a well-planned link-building strategy, people are still in a dilemma that possessing more links to your website is better. However, you must know that only high-quality links matter the most.

Other than that, many assume that link building is an easy task and doesn’t require any experience or expertise, which isn’t true. Planning to outsource link building to an experienced service provider can help you build effective collaborations and conduct outreach uniquely.

Chances are your team isn’t skilled in this matter, and that’s where outsource link building comes as an option. Here’s a guide that you guide you through the basics of link building and why you must consider outsource link building.

What is Link Building?

Link building is a process of building valuable hyperlinks from one website to another. A hyperlink or a backlink helps users navigate different pages on the web. For instance, you’re reading a blog and find a link navigating you to other helpful blogs or websites.

Backlinks also help search engines to crawl through other different websites. Also, it plays a key role in determining whether your website will appear on the SERPs or not. While links are not the only factor that decides the position on SERPs, they still, mark as one of the most important contributors to your rankings and performance.

That’s the main reason why many businesses prefer to outsource link building to professional service providers. It can be through hiring an in-house team member, or outsourcing to an agency can also help in that case.

Why link building is essential?

Have you ever noticed that you began reading a blog, and after a few clicks, you end up landing on a completely different website? That’s the power that a good link-building strategy possesses.

It allows users to navigate toward your content or website. If they find resources to be trustworthy enough, your brand can get some of its authority.

Link building helps boost your content, gives an increment in the rankings, spreads your message through the prospective audience, builds meaningful relations with customers and businesses, and increases brand awareness in the market.

What are the benefits of outsourcing link building?

Outsourcing Link Building

Before we dive into the specifications of why you must consider to outsource link-building jobs to a professional, let’s get down to knowing the benefits of outsourcing link-building.

  • Saves Time: Undoubtedly, link building is a long, daunting, and time-consuming process. Researching, outreaching, identifying strategies, and implementing those strategies take time. If you are expecting results to be seen soon, outsourcing is the only way left.
  • Offers Convenience: In general, why do people prefer outsourcing their tasks? That’s because they find it way simpler, easier, and quicker. And, you don’t need to master the world of link building. Instead, you can hire experts so that you can use your time to focus on other important tasks.
  • Saves Money: It may sound somewhat surprising that hiring SEO expert can help you save money, but it does. Considering to outsource link building is a cost-effective option than recruiting and paying a team of specialists and experts for this job.
  • Brings Accountability: When someone else is into the job of creating backlinks, you can track their work, expect results, hold them accountable for their mistakes, and guide them to achieve desired results. Additionally, if you know that the experts are handling the backlinks creation task, it can bring you some peace of mind.

Important Reasons to Outsource Link Building

Outsourcing Link Building

You must consider outsourcing link building if you’ve good content on the website, a basic understanding of what you can get out of this, and a budget. If you get that, here are some reasons why you must consider investing in outsourcing.

Your website doesn’t rank:

You may notice that although your content team produces high-quality content, it doesn’t get ranked as high as it should be, and it’s still falling behind the competitors.

After producing content, if it shows a certain improvement in the rankings, but you feel as in you need more strategies to achieve your goal, know that you need to outsource link building to a professional.

You need to scale:

The quality of links plays a key role in the scalability of a business online. If your website experiences good quality links coming steadily, it will bring results. That will take a certain time and specifically when you have several objectives to reach altogether.

Outsourcing link-building tasks to professionals that have been in business for years can implement certain tactics and tricks that can help you scale your business quickly.

The professionals have expertise in creating strategies quickly if something goes unplanned and offer a solution for every individual client. You can’t expect them to get results on the first day itself, but you can still get results faster than an inexperienced person.

You want to fulfill certain goals:

Do you wish to give an edge to your competitors? Want to collaborate with the biggest leaders of your niche? Desire to get links that are hard to achieve?

It could help your online business, but it could be challenging too.

Planning to outsource link building can take off the burden on your team and bring effective results faster. Additionally, when you have a clear pre-defined goal in your mind, it is easier for you to track and achieve them.

Maintaining an in-house team is costly:

If you hire link building team in-house, it could turn out to be pricey for you.

According to the latest study, if you hire experienced personnel in-house, you’ll have to pay up to 90K per year. But remember, that doesn’t include recruiting costs, tech stack pricing, and ramp time expenses. 

Another thing that must be kept in mind is that it’s just one person that you’ll be recruiting. To get things done quicker, you’ll need to hire a team, and that requires a higher budget.

Quality control is essential for your brand:

To create quality backlinks, you must stay updated with the latest link-building algorithms. And, deciding to outsource link-building tasks can offer benefits that will help you attract new backlinks to your company’s website.

When it comes to link building, the professionals often follow a solid filtering process such that you receive only high-quality backlinks to your website. Also, it should be more relevant and trustworthy for your prospects.

You don’t have link-building expertise:

Link building is a challenging and tricky process that requires tons of parameters to consider and many tools to track. Moreover, SEO can change everything.

Besides that, an expert brings their years of experience to the table which can prove to be fruitful for you. Outsourcing link-building services can help you bring expertise to the team that can fill gaps in between.

You want to grow your network exponentially:

Link building isn’t limited to just creating hyperlinks on specific keywords in your content. Deciding to outsource link-building tasks can help you access the whole network of clients and businessmen.

Most of the agencies and service providers have already established strong relationships with others in the same industry or niche. By taking advantage of these relationships, you can gain a significant advantage in the search engine result pages.

How to find a reliable outsource link-building service provider?

One of the major risks that you can acquire during outsourcing link building is handing over your business website to an unqualified and inexperienced service provider. It is one such mistake that can cost you money, time, and the company’s reputation.

So, here are some of the best practices that can help you hire a reliable and trusted backlink service provider.

Check out ratings:

Before you outsource link-building jobs to any service provider, you must check out what people say about that SEO agency on the internet. Check their ratings on relevant service pages.

You can even read the feedback or reviews of other companies. Check out what they say about them. Moreover, if someone you know gives a thumbs up to that service provider, it adds up to their bonus points.

Review case studies:

You can find praiseworthy paragraphs about them posted on their website, but remember actions speak louder than words. Case studies are a great way of seeing what kind of tasks or projects they have handled so far.

You need to check on the strategies they have applied, challenges they faced, and goals achieved. It can help you gain deeper insights into how the service provider works.

Inquire about the workflow:

The process of link building requires both parties to work simultaneously. To make sure that your expectations are aligned with their workflow, you need to ask the agency the following questions before you outsource link-building tasks:

  1. What is your workflow process?
  2. How do you report?
  3. How do you track the ongoing campaign? 
  4. Which aspects require approval before you begin implementing strategies?

If the answers to these questions coincide with your patterns, you’ll be able to choose the right service provider for you.

Ask for examples:

A service provider that says it performs high-level and top-notch link building will have some examples to showcase to you. Regardless if they are newbies, still they should possess a portfolio from small businesses.

If they don’t have any example to display to you, consider this as a red flag and run away.

The website quality also speaks a lot. You need to check for domain authority and organic traffic. To make your link-building project generate fruitful results, get connected with an agency that has high authority and outsources link-building tasks to them.

Ask them about the prices:

Till the time you reach this point, you already have a pre-defined budget prepared in mind. If not, you need to create one before you discuss prices with any service provider.

While discussing, do not forget that you ask them about hidden fees. It could include consultation fees that aren’t linked to the project but can still cost you money. By getting an idea about the fees, you can know which service provider is the best fit for you.

Wrapping Up

So, what have you learned so far?

Link building is crucial, but it can turn out to be a challenging task if you try to nail it on your own. Thus, deciding to outsource link-building tasks can help you save money, time, and effort.

Use this guide to learn how and why it is best to outsource link-building tasks for your business. It is a safe and relevant way of building your digital presence. 

Keeping this in mind, you should get started with researching deeply about outsourcing your link building. Go for a service provider that works according to your goals and needs.

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