Most Popular Ecommerce Trends that will Rule 2017

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December 14, 2018


Most Popular Ecommerce Trends that will Rule 2017

We are all aware of the fact that we’re living in a highly competitive digital world. Mobile eCommerce is rapidly increasing, and it will get more popularity in 2017. With more than $22 trillion spent, online spending has touched its all-time high in 2016. This big number reveals that this trend will not be slowing down in the upcoming years.

In this fast-paced mobile world, you really need to come up with something innovative that will help you make your brand more popular. There are several ecommerce trends to look after in 2017, some of them are listed below:

  • Live support

Live support on ecommerce websites and apps was a popular trend in 2016. With the high potential, it will continue and grow as a big trend in 2017 too. Besides live support, there are several effective options you can consider to engage your customers. You can communicate with your satisfied customers in the blog section while replying to their queries. It is easy to engage them by sending the newsletters with significant updates and changes.

  • Dynamic Shopping experience

Dynamic user experience must be implemented to ecommerce websites in 2017. Rather than just selling your products or services, you should consider giving the pleasant experience to your customers. The amazing buying experience is what going to make your business more successful. From optimizing site speed to the user-friendly interface, a dynamic shopping experience will provide your brand high publicity.

  • Beyond the domestic market

According to one survey, only 40% of e-stores in the US have been busy selling their merchandises to local customers and rest 60% target a large number of audience in foreign foils? In 2017 & upcoming years, the domestic customers will no longer be targeted as ecommerce is being evolved enough to provide high-level services such as quick delivery and responses.

  • Customer retention Program

The customer retention should be the focus area of your ecommerce business. In 2017, we might see most e-stores going with robust retention programs in order to make customers loyal. You can also provide some exciting offers & discounts on special events & festivals.

However, most of the popular ecommerce trends that seem to rule 2017 have already arrived and we must consider using them today. If you are looking forward to launch an ecommerce website and seeking a reliable Magento development company, then you have come to the right place. Baymediasoft is the most creative web and mobile app development company that offers WordPress, Magento, PHP, Drupal & Joomla development services at the most affordable price

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