Top 10 App Makers to Build Your Own Mobile App in 2017


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December 14, 2018


Top 10 App Makers to Build Your Own Mobile App in 2017

When business owners look for the best app makers or platforms, they mostly search the solutions that are economical and help them develop professional-looking apps without in-depth knowledge of coding. They also look for essential features such as amazing templates, social media integration, push notifications, loyalty programs, location-based services, custom options, and the capability to build apps for iPhones, iPads, and Android.

Being a business owner, you need to consider several important things while choosing an app maker. You should choose a platform which is easy-to-use and provides some extraordinary features. But, how will you choose the right platform from the wide range of app makers who claims to offer the best services. To make your decision easy, here we are providing a list of top 10 app makers that can help you build your own mobile app in 2017:

1. GoodBarber:

Comes with some advanced features and beautiful themes, GoodBarber is one of the most popular app makers. It provides a wide range of amazing features such as chat, social networking, iBeacons, and Geofencing. It is easy to create a native iOS and Android app with just €16 per month. They also provide you with an extensive showcase of apps that have been built with their system.


  • Beautiful templates
  • Affordable pricing for templates
  • A wide range of cutting-edge features


  • Doesn’t have its own online store (however, you can integrate Etsy, Amazon, and Shopify.)

2. Shoutem:

Established in 2011, Shoutem is an amazing app maker. It comes with a wide range of monetization elements such as Shopify and mobile advertising support that can help you recover what you spend on Shoutem. However, it’s not the cheapest provider; it’s not expensive either. Its basic plan starts at $19.90 per month. If you are looking forward to launching your app on Apple or Android app stores, you’ll have to go with their advanced plan that comes at $49.00.


  • Ease of use
  • Incredible templates
  • Great designs
  • Location-based elements
  • Smooth handling of image uploads


  • They don’t have their own online store module

3. Como DIY:

Founded in 2010, this app maker claims to host more than 1 million applications, making it one of the greatest names in the app marketplace. It comes with a large number of building blocks i.e. appointment scheduling integrations, loyalty card feature, user reviews, ecommerce, and events.
Como comes with three pricing options:

  • Monthly ($57)
  • Yearly ($48)
  • Bi-yearly ($41)

Besides, it provides seven different templates that can be combined with six navigational styles such as colors, icons, and background images that can be adjusted to your own artwork.


  • Easy to use
  • Designs are definite
  • The editor is well-organized
  • Success guarantee is reassuring


  • After registering, you will start getting promotional emails

4. AppInstitute:

Winner of various startup awards, AppInstitute is known as the most popular app maker in the UK. With highly customizable catalogue menus and ecommerce features; it helps you create rich events with video and other content. With AppInstitute, you can develop a native Android app for just $6 per month! However, you will get some restricted features with this plan.


  • It provides some powerful features that you will ever find.


  • A lack of integration options in the backend.

5. Bizness Apps:

From automated app store submission to drag-and-drop development, Bizness Apps was founded in 2010, and today it has become one of the most widely preferred choices of most users today. There are more than 300,000 apps built on this amazing app maker. In order to create native iOS or Android applications, you’ll have to choose a plan for $59 per month.


  • The editor is well-structured
  • A plenty of 3rd party integrations


  • Quite expensive than other makers
  • A few templates to choose from
  • You have to start from the scratch for changing your template

6. AppYourself:

Founded in 2011, AppYourself helps you develop highly functional applications for iOS, Android, Windows. Apart from mobile app development, it also helps you develop a responsive site that syncs your app content automatically.

  • It comes in four pricing plans:
  • Web Only (€5)
  • Basic (€15)
  • Premium (€30)
  • Business (€50 & €200 setup fee)

You can use AppYourself for free but in order to submit your app to one the app stores; you need to choose any one plan.


  • Well-structured and easy-to-use interface
  • They do have their own online store module
  • Quick customer support


  • As it is a German company, sometimes their menu items aren’t fully translated.

7. Mobile Roadie:

It is another one of the biggest players that can help you come up with an astounding mobile application. It comes with excellent design options that provide great templates and provide you with a plenty of options to modify. It also endows some great features such as fan wall and chats that can be useful for music bands and other artists. For musicians, it offers smooth integration of a music player. Its price range starts from $149 to $799 per month.


  • Geo-targeting
  • Elegant templates
  • A plenty of options to tweak the designs


  • Not affordable for smaller businesses
  • The UI could be a more instinctive

8. AppMachine:

With AppMachine, it is easy to automate several tiresome processes. Just, provide your website’s URL, and they will add everything they think useful for your mobile app. It is easy to add Facebook, Twitter, RSS, and images if you wish. With an impressive editor and high functionalities, it is one of the best app makers. Currently, it comes up with two plans:

  • Plus at $49 per month
  • Pro at $69 per month


  • Powerful editor
  • A comprehensive building block selection


  • The user interface isn’t faster

9. Mobincube:

It is easy to develop an application with the help of Admob and make some money. However, you have to spend some money either, but do not worry! Mobincube offers very affordable plans such as ad-free plan at just $9.99. The best part is that all of its plans enable you to come up a native app. Means, you can launch your product to one or all of the main app stores.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy to create complex page types
  • Very affordable plans
  • Innovative features


  • Some technical issues
  • Templates could be better

10. MobAppCreator:

With MobAppCreator, you don’t get a plethora of templates as available with other builders. You can create several significant things without any technical knowledge with its user-friendly editor. It also provides clickable representation of your mobile app which is refreshed with every new change. Its basic plan starts at $32.50 per month.


  • Editor is easy to use
  • You get fourteen days to trial the service with comprehensive functionality


  • Some issues in the layout design
  • Lack of templates

We have created the list of all these platforms according to their functionalities and easiness. You can choose any one app maker according to your taste or specifications. Moreover, if you are looking for a reliable mobile app development company that can help you build an innovative application, then you have landed at the right place. We have a highly professional team of iPhone, iPad, and Android app developers. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today and share your requirements.

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