Mobile App Development Trends To Follow In 2016.

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December 15, 2018


Mobile App Development Trends To Follow In 2016.

Internet has exploded these days and today’s generation is fond of various mobile devices like mobile, iPad, tablets, etc. making it possible for mobile phone users to do shopping, order food online, playing games, tracking workouts and much more. Mobile app development is becoming more popular these days; it has affected our daily lives in all ways.

You may have also planned for developing a mobile app for your business, to enhance its performance and achieve competitive advantage. Developing a mobile app for your business can give a great boost to its online visibility. Technology is moving very swiftly these days, and be updated with all the latest trends is difficult for a business.

Following are the trends for Mobile App Development which app developers should pursue to achieve success in this New Year.

Cross platform will take the spotlight

There are many types of devices available these days like, iOS, Android, Java, Blackberry etc. and it is difficult to find apps that run on a single platform. In 2016, mobile app development will not be restricted to a single platform but will extend its reach from iOS to wearable technologies.

Ecommerce Engine

Mobile has become a new fashion, everyone is fond of it. It is applicable for e-commerce too. E-commerce market leaders have hoped for the new opportunity and moved to the app-only mode of their websites. Around 90% of the traffic on these websites falls from mobiles & tablets only. In 2016, this trend will pop up more and consumers will ask for more e-commerce apps.


iOS v/s Android Battle

Android and Apple are the biggest players in Operating Systems. Most of the OS market is captured by Android, then iOS and remaining by windows & other operating systems. From last year’s revenue figures, it is clear that iOS and Android will be ruling the market again, but this war is good news for both users and developers.

Incorporation of cloud technology in apps

Cloud technology has ruled the Mobile app development arena in 2015 and will continue doing this in coming years. Developers will opt for cloud technology in mobile apps this year also as it allows users to sync their apps across several device. It also helps developers to keep their mobile apps handy.

Better Advertising and Marketing of Apps

Mobile apps are having great potential to fetch money and in 2016, it will be rising. These apps will rely on different channels for marketing and advertising; it will move beyond simple banner ads to image and videos advertising. Mobile app developers will try to push the boundary of advertisements and purchases from paid download models of marketing.

As 2016 has approached, it has been cleared that Mobile apps will be the stars. The interest in mobile app development will increase, and it will give great returns to the businesses. Make sure your business has its competitive advantage over its competitors with having your own mobile app this year. Implementing these trends will increase your online presence and digital growth.

Mobile Application Development will get the spotlight this year. Businesses that need digital growth and online presence will opt for mobile apps and will also follow top trends. Cross platform development, cloud technology, competition between Android & iOS and better advertising strategies will rule the mobile app market.

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