How In-App Ads Bring Mobile Advertising to a Higher Level?

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December 14, 2018


Today, marketers and business owners are not only focused on mobile web, since mobile apps are growing tremendously and in-app advertising provide them a better opportunity to hit the right audience at the right moment. Being an online marketer, you must know the difference between the number of time users spend on smartphone and the real ad dollars earmarked to this medium. Nevertheless, this gap proves that advertisers are today adapting mobile to reach their target audience.

Being a leading iOS and Android app development company, Baymediasoft has worked on several app related projects. Inspired by the success of different apps and their revenue, we are providing some of the advantages associated with In-App Ads. Compared to website or web app, in-app advertising offers a powerful solution to capture targeted consumers’ attention and motivate them to interact without any interference. Mobile Advertising is therefore an option that online marketers must consider while setting up a campaign.

Why In-app Advertisements Work?

Advertisements on mobile web are often hard for users to consume, while in-app ads are more appealing and user-friendly. In-app ads perform well as they are enhanced by location data, which is the primary step in understanding context and encouraging engagement. Location opens several rich data which marketers can analyze, such as demographics, weather, local events, to get a full picture of what is going in real-time at a specific location. Mixing these different ‘real world’ data empowers marketers to come up with more specific marketing strategies for the target audience.

With In-app ads, targeting users have become much more accessible since users carry their smartphone with them wherever they go.

Tips for App Publishers and Marketers

Planning to come up with a mobile app and make money through In-app advertising? Well, you don’t need to be just focused on game-specific mobile applications. There are several niches, categories, and markets within the Android and iOS app stores. If your website is accessed by a large number of mobile audience, you should consider putting together an app to engage your users and grab a part of the in-app ad spend.

  • Users do not Prefer Paid Apps

Since no one prefers to pay for installing an app without using it. Apart from developing a mobile app with the motive of selling it in app stores or providing it to users at various pay scales, allowing users to download it for free can be a productive option. Later, you can make money through in-app ads and in-app purchases.

  • Consider DFP (Double Click For Publishers)

Works like traditional display advertisements, DFP is a software which provides a set of excellent reporting and optimization tools with a user exceptional control. It supports both Android and iOS applications. With DFP, you can streamline all your ad sales across your web and app inventory while managing all your direct and programmatic sales.

Different Types of In-App Ads

Depending on the type of mobile application you build, there are a different type of in-app ads that you can always choose:

  • Banner Ads
  • Native Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Interstitial Ads

Which In-App Ads Work?

In-app ads are shown on a mobile app while interrupting users. So, you need to choose the right kinds of ad format all according to your app type. It’s difficult to state which advertisement works best, as it all depends on your purposes and testing results. For instance, the video ad is considerable if you do not have any brand recognition. Moreover, it is recommended that you should try and experiment with all types of ad formats.

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