How A mobile App Can Turn Your Customers Into Brand Evangelists

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December 15, 2018


How A Mobile App Can Turn Your Customers Into Brand Evangelists

Today, every business owner wants to retain more customers and keep them engaged with their mobile apps. However, the goal is to convert all the users who visit the application into lifetime users. One of the best ways of retaining the users is by enhancing their lifetime value and making them more sticky.

Why Mobile App is the best option to retain customers?

A mobile application puts your brand right into the customer’s pocket that they can use frequently in their daily lives. It can be an effective way you can use to convert the customers into evangelists for your brand.

  • The mobile app empowers you to keep in touch with your customers where they are, instead of asking them to come to you.
  • Today, most consumers prefer mobile apps rather than mobile websites. According to a recent survey, users spent 13 minutes at a time when using a mobile app which is 3-4 times greater than the average website browsing session.
  • The mobile app provides your users with the easiest way to give feedback and get regular updated regarding latest offers, discounts, and sales.

Every business person wants their customer to adopt and advocate the brand for a long time. But now the question is how can it be possible? How can a company convince users not only to use their mobile app but to adopt their brands?

Here are some valuable tips for building an amazing customer-retaining experience with your mobile app :

  • Personal endorsements (incentivized sharing and referrals) are more effective than other marketing strategies. Try to identify what kind of offers will prompt a user to refer a friend.
  • User-generated content is another effective way to take the attention of user’s friends and colleagues. Use several channels where your users can share that content.
  • Incentivized marketing scheme is an effective way of boosting virality in a mobile application that automatically improves customer engagement.
  • Furthermore, you can run reward program to encourage users to share the content online. For instance, you can use hashtags in your Facebook or Instagram to more spread your content.
  • You must use all the possible support channels to keep in touch with the customers and solve their problems. A reliable support builds a deeper relationship with customers and converts your customers into brand evangelists.

With long-term marketing strategies and plans, you can easily turn your high-value customers into brand evangelists. If you haven’t introduced a mobile app for your business, and looking for a creative mobile app development company, you have come to the right place. We at Baymediasoft provide the best iPhone app development services at the most competitive price.

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