Google Launches Allo – Meet the Future of Search Based Messaging

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December 15, 2018


Google Launches Allo – Meet The Future Of Search Based Messaging

Currently, in this digital era, we all rely on messaging apps to stay in touch with our loved ones, all just we need an app that conveys our message to the people sitting far away from us. However, when we get stuck on something, usually we pause or drop our “seamless” conversations and switch to other app, for, e.g., Hunting for a new local place to hang out – an eatery or a lounge we may switch some other app which provides the same.

But from next time onwards rather than pausing the conversation you can just finish up sending a text message. That’s one of the notions following Allo, Google’s brand-new messaging app which was announced on May 18, 2016, got recently launched on September 21, 2016.

The instant messaging app Allo introduces AI-based messaging and is capable of several functionalities which make it remarkably unique. The remarkable reason one is that it presents the brand’s innovative Google Assistant, which surfaces solutions to queries and generates ideas straight and instantly on your chat app window. Allo intelligently advises introducing a new feature “Smart Reply” for text replies as well as when you communicate through photo messages.

“Just like other messaging apps WhatsApp, LINE, and Facebook, Google’s brand-new messaging application provides a collection of amazing stickers to express better on chats.”

The app – Allo is now available for users on iPhone and Android.Just type “@google” and the Google Assistant is all ready to help you for anything you would be Googling. Say, you need to know “@google which is the best place for dinner?” while texting an invitation for dinner to a friend, the assistant will fetch you list of best dinner restaurants near you. The wondrous thing is you don’t have to drop your conversation, open some another app (Zomato, Yelp in this case), and come back to the same messenger. And meanwhile, some of your time is saved if you are in a hurry for the dinner.

So Allo is very efficiently serviceable when you’re hunting up for a restaurant or the movie show timings. In some cases, it may even ask you for some of your choices to pull the best from the rest. Like, when I requested Google Assistant to help me on what I should wear, it inquired me my dressing sense, dressing occasion and the place to help me get better dressed. But for something particular, like the train schedules, I suggest some other app or search on a browser like Google Chrome or Firefox.

What’s exceptional about Google Assistant in Allo App is that a search engine is remodeled in an innovative manner. You can question about anything that is marked on the calendar, currency unit conversions, and all at one place, you can search for anything you want to.

“Google views Google Assistant as one of the next influential unfolding of its search products. The messenger app Allo and the brand’s expected Google Home smart speaker will be the initial two products to introduce the new technology.”

The chat app Allo also quickly suggests replies when you receive a new text messages and images on a message. If your friend texts you a photo of his childhood for the situation, Allo may advise you to text back “How cute!” or “Adorable.” The Assistant is a helpful feature for situations where you might not have a second of time to type and send the complete response. Google further adds that as Allo learns more on how you response, over the time, it will accommodate itself to your behavior. Alike Chrome, Allo also provides an incognito mode which hides all the chats and automatically erases messages after specific time duration.

“Another chief spotlight for Google’s Allo is Expression the innovative messenger incorporates the facility to download sticker sets, make text size greater or smaller for importance and gloss the photos.”

The launch of Allo as a messaging app has emerged an uncomplicated communication form to an entirely unique channel for accessing the Web. Google’s Allo, while offering similar to Facebook, currently it doesn’t encourage third party app integrations, though it may do so possibly in the future. As of the time, Allo presents a glimpse of how Google views the future of Mobile search.

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