How To Sell Your Products Without Praising Them? Say Goodbye To Old Tactics


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Dec 14, 2018

How To Sell Your Products Without Praising Them? Say Goodbye To Old Tactics


Aren’t you getting the huge traffic to your ecommerce website?

Have you been struggling to convert a sale for a long time?

Most of the startups face several difficulties when it comes to converting visitors into the customers. Being an ecommerce retailer, you really need to understand that ecommerce is not just limited to the website and stunning landing pages. You must follow some effective marketing strategies in 2017.

The success of an online store is not nearly as easy or as obvious as it looks. If you are one of those business owners who believe creating an attractive landing page will help you sell more products; then you must read this blog.

This blog unfolds 5 effective strategies that will help you sell your product without praising them:

Instead of Features, Promote Benefits

It is one of the most significant things to keep in mind while creating the strategies. Most shoppers look for the product that can solve their problems with ease. They don’t get attracted by the features of your product. So, you must focus on the benefits that a shopper may avail by selling your products. However, advertising the benefits is harder than promoting the features. First of all, you will need to find out the problems of your target audience. Then, you will need to determine the solutions how your product or service solves those problems.

To help you better understand the basic difference between features and benefits, here are some examples:

  • Selling Features

Our new Hard Drive has 2 terabytes space!

Our new laptop has Nvidia GeForce 2GB 64-Bit DDR3 Graphic Card

  • Benefits

Our new Hard Drive has enough space for 2000 movies!

Presenting the super-fast laptop; you can play games and make your workflow fastest than ever.

Prestige and Recognition

Online buyers prefer to associate with the websites perceived to be of great social status or online presence. Most retailers use sycophantic ways to earn social status and power. And this could be done with products and promotions too. Instead of doing spamming, it is advisable to provide your users with valuable content (articles & blogs). You can make your online presence stronger while providing valuable content.

Use Customer Testimonials and Reviews

Do your landing pages look trustworthy? Instead of promoting your own product, you should have someone else do it. You can make it possible with the help of customer testimonials and reviews. Testimonials do not only build the trust but also make your visitors trust your business. It gives them the confidence that someone has also involved with you before – so your products are reliable and safe.

Sell the Deal, not the Product

Most online buyers get attracted to the things they don’t need but having a great offer? You can start posting the offers and contests that may help you generate the positive leads. You can even use Facebook Ads to promote your offers and drive traffic to your landing pages. Make sure you are not always prioritizing the offers over visuals or products.

Make your Landing Page Cool

Don’t be needy. Don’t be assertive. Let your products speak for themselves through special offers, appealing images, and splendid text. Make sure to have a personal touch in all the content (banners, product descriptions) of your landing page. They must be sold by the trust and quality they’re getting. Make sure you are providing worth what you’re promising.

With all these effective strategies, you can promote your products and landing pages in the best way possible.

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