Conversion Rate Optimization: The Best Way To Review And Improve Mobile User Experience.

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December 15, 2018


Conversion Rate Optimization: The Best Way To Review And Improve Mobile User Experience.

CRO – Conversion rate optimization is an efficient way of increasing the rate of conversions from a website or mobile app. Generally, it includes generating ideas for the features/content on your site or app that can be updated and then approving those hypotheses through multivariate testing. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is crucial as it allows you to reduce the customer acquisition costs by acquiring more value from the users you already have.

By optimizing the conversion rate, you can improve revenue per visitor, target more customers, and grow your business in the best way possible. For example, just imagine that 10000 users have found your app in the app store. If 100 of these users download the app from the or just contacting you for further information, it means you have a conversion rate of 1%. With this figure, you can better predict the revenue you can create with the app.

Being a business owner, you must follow some significant things to review and enhance mobile user experience. Besides, you should ensure that your website or app performs better on all type of devices.

Some of relevant tools to improve mobile user experience are mentioned below:

Website analytics service

Most people don’t use mobile phones in the same way as desktop or laptops, so research needs to be quite different for your website and mobile app. Always use analytic services in order to segment your audience into desktop and mobile users. It will tell you how two users differ in their behavior on your website.

Online user research tools

You can also use some other analytics tools like Hotjar and ClickTale that will provide you with heat maps as well as session playbacks with mobile gestures i.e. tap, double-tap, scroll, zoom, swipe and tilt. As we mentioned above, users’ behavior on a mobile phone can be different to their behavior while using a laptop or desktop. The circumstances in which user open your site or app may also change according to the types of mobile devices.

Get feedbacks

Instead of using insight from analytics, it is better to conduct stakeholder interviews. It would be a great idea to get feedback from audiences who use your site on a regular basis. You can get customer feedback that will empower you find out particular issues. A widely-used tool like Qualaroo will help you in this process.

User testing

It is an easy way to see the clear picture of how ‘real’ users find their way on your website. User analysis on mobile devices demands more planning than desktop or laptop tests. It is necessary to get the real user experience in order to record natural interactions and get valid results.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) improves site performance by enhancing the ratio of site visitors converted into customers. Once you have figured out the conversion rates for your digital interactions, you can start improving your digital customer experiences using conversion rate optimization.

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