Caught Between iOS and Android: Which One Is The Best?

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December 15, 2018


Caught Between IOS And Android: Which One Is The Best?

The debate between developers and consumers just doesn’t seem to cease. Here we are speaking about whether iPhone app development is better or Android app development. Every soul is seen defending his or her chosen platform and trying to strike down competition. Well then, what needs to be your choice? Well, we are not here to opine which platform is best; however, we are here to display the good and bad for each platform and leave the choice to you.

The hard choice

The foremost aspect that needs to be understood is that both iOS app development and Android application development are good and both have their merits and demerits. From the perspective of users and app development as a whole, both perform admirable jobs. Let us dig deeper to find out what both platforms have in store. This is from both developers and consumer point of view.

Good and Bad of iOS


The Good for iOS

Apps generally come to the iOS platform first, even though it has a comparatively low share of the market than Android. This gives it a first time advantage. Further, iTunes adapts strict policies for apps and utilizes these for keeping the quality of apps high. Though this is excellent for consumers, it doesn’t mean Apple will remove or decline apps according to their will. If this was so, developers would definitely shun this platform. However, this being not the case, developers readily builds apps for iOS. Moreover, the interface for iOS is good and the UX will not alter drastically. As for the hardware, iOS is available only on some devices; however, Apple ensures that the quality of these devices is high. This spells well for apps.

The Bad for iOS

In pursuit of maximizing the user friendliness, iOS creates an environment that assumes the default settings for most part and this is good for all. However, this might frustrate people who need customization. With low device options, users may strive for more choices. So people loving big screens on mobiles are hard on luck.

Good and Bad For Android


The Good for Android

The device range for Android is quite huge and consumers find mobile phones in all sizes, prices and shapes. Further, manufacturers have their own special capabilities and features incorporated on the devices; thus making user experience enjoyable. Users find ease in downloading fonts, changing interfaces and love the overall accessibility of Android devices. Further, Google Play policies are not as strict as iTunes. Even if Google Play does not accept an app, developers can still load them from some other source; thus making Android a “no restriction” option.

The Bad for Android

Due to having lesser restrictions, the possibility of hampered quality is high with Android. Further, side loading may result in your devices being affected by malware. Manufacturers developing Android supported devices cannot boast of high quality products as is the case with Apple. This truth is applicable to both the software and hardware.

To sum up

With iOS devices, you can be assured of maybe not the best products, but not even the worst. The best part with iOS is users can be assured that even the bad aspects will be passable and their experience will always be from good to the best.

Android offers better choice, but needs more research for obtaining optimal results. There are many reasons for avoiding Android and if you feel good using iOS, why compromise for imperfections rendered by Android. However, if you can spare time to put extra energy to manage devices, then stay with Android.

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