Best Real Estate Website Builder in 2017: Placester vs Zillow vs WebsiteBox

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December 15, 2018


Best Real Estate Website Builder in 2017: Placester vs Zillow vs WebsiteBox

Today, in the year 2017 there is absolutely nothing which cannot be bought or sold online: Whether it is a pin, clothes, food, electronics or property. When we talk about real estate which involves high dollar value transactions, it is common that people search for property information online & this eventually leads to begin a deal. An amazing and informational real estate website design can make or break a property sale. As a real estate agent or company, your professional looking website will enable your potential customers to view and compare a number of options available. So it makes sense to take your business online as soon as possible.

There are massive benefits of having a good real estate website. Thankfully, you are not required to invest several hours and a lot of money to have your own online presence. When building a real estate website, the use of website builders is a smart choice as they come with predesigned templates and tools. This write up contains the Best 3 Real Estate Website Builders in 2017, which help you increase the performance and revenues of your real estate business.

1. Zillow Websites:

Zillow is a leading Real estate website builder which is useful to create a custom WordPress website for personal business or agent.  It includes the option of an Internet Data Exchange (IDX) for local MLS listing. Its cost is $10 per month.

2. Placester:

Placester is a website builder for real estate business owners which provides a variety of range starting from $10-$300. Its WordPress website includes backend CRM system, IDX, themes, and plugins.

3. WebsiteBox:

WebsiteBox is a mid way between the free sites and the expensive options available for realtors. It charges a one-time fee of $99. But it does not include the domain name subscription in it.

Features –

Zillow website has all the key features which are needed by a realtor. It includes the main three features such as it has a very powerful MLS/IDX integrator/creator  that allows you to include IDX specific searches on the site. It captures lead from any page. Also, it highlights the location you are selling.

Placester has all the main features real estate businesses require for its online presence like capturing the leads actively or passively. Then those leads are forwarded to the lead management system, basically, it makes easy to track the leads in a pipeline. Placester’s upgraded plan allows integrating map based search functions also.

WesbsiteBox has a robust set of features, which comprises of email marketing system, CRM, and blogging.  Its additional features are chargeable such as, SEO app, lead capture, mobile notification and QR code integrator, etc.

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Ease of use –

Zillow is a one of the best when we talk about ease of use. If you want to add a post simply select the ‘post’ and click ‘add new’ and it’s done. Basically, it is created with everything needed in a website including 30 real estate widgets which can be added in seconds.

Placester can be setup very quickly. Their templates are pretty and a lot of pre-populated structure that makes the setup process smooth. You just have to edit the logo, name, MLS listing, etc.

WesbiteBox is also simple and easy to setup. The interface for editing your site is done through a top bar over the screen. One can change the layouts, number of columns, colors, and themes, etc. You can easily drag and drop an element around, but you cannot drag and drop between layout sections, they are statics.


Zillow is providing the straightforward price, which is $10 /month.  The domain name is available for free in the first year but costs an additional $20 after that.

Placester offers a variety of plans, which range from $10- $300 per month.  When talking about the least plan, it has very little functionality. $75 plan is the most recommended one, as it has most of the features.

WebsiteBox allows paying one-time fee of $99. Though, it has many add-on options for it which are available for $99 /add-on. Custom domain name is not including in it, and one has to buy it from third party or $15/year from Website Box.

Customer Support

Zillow is US based website provider which generally takes 24hour customer support. It does not have any email or chat support, its customer support is the biggest weaknesses.

Placester provides the customer support via phone and email, or one can connect via support ticket. They are professional, replies promptly and helpful. All n all a very satisfying customer support services.

WebsiteBox also belongs to US and helps via email, live chat, phone and customer support portals.

Using a website builder to create a real estate website reduces the time required and cost. The choice of a specific website builder depends upon the requirement of a particular agent or business owner. Baymediasoft is a creative Real Estate website development company that understands your requirement, and able to deliver the best services at the right price. Contact us for your real estate website development.

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