A Surefire Mobile App Marketing Guide On How To Increase Your Mobile App Downloads.

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December 15, 2018


A Surefire Mobile App Marketing Guide On How To Increase Your Mobile App Downloads.

Probably you aren’t aware that most of the newly launched mobile apps go out of the market in merely 6 months. Yes, you got it right. The key reason is that they don’t get enough downloads for their apps.

However, this doesn’t imply that their ideas or concepts behind app development are idiotic. But mostly it is because they fail to reach the huge mass of their targeted audience and bring in ample exposure for their apps in the real market.

This blog will share a comprehensive guide for increasing your app’s market exposure and boosting your app downloads by manifold. Let’s divide the whole guide into 6 sections – these are basically 6 different channels that can help you increase your downloads in the app stores, in turn improve your revenues.

Without adding further ado, let’s dig into all 6 channels of getting more app downloads one by one.

Publish a winning Press Release

Are you struggling with a limited Budget for your mobile app marketing campaign? If yes, publishing a PR can help you get good exposure for your app on various places without spending any larger amount. However, this isn’t as easy as it may seem to you. Expert bloggers and columnists get thousands of requests for app reviews every week. And thus, not any PR will do. You will have to prepare an interesting, intriguing and engaging PR to send to experts for review purpose.

Tips for preparing a truly engaging PR

  • Your main story has to be unique – the one that can stand out of the crowd at reviewers’ desks.
  • Make sure the story you build is captivating and fun to read. Try adding some good punch lines.
  • Adding some bulleted points will make your PR more readable.
  • Don’t miss out on explaining how your app can help targeted audience in the most effective manner.
  • Share your contact details at the end of the review request, so the reviewers can approach you anytime later.
  • Provide the reviewers with the app store links of your mobile app. And it is also a great idea to share a few screenshots of your app.
  • Let the reviewer use your app for free for a while.


Enhance your app presence online

A good app marketing agency knows how to best leverage various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus to promote their clients’ apps and tap new potential customers for them. Once you have launched the app in the app store, you can immediately create a page or profile for your app on all these four social media sites and stay engaged or interactive.

Choose your revenue model

In order to know the right revenue generation model for your app, you have to dig into all models including Pay-to-Unlock, Freemium, Ad-revenue, Pay-per download, In-app purchases, Free/Paid versions, Sponsorship and Subscription. You may also take help of a good app marketing agency to help you select the right revenue model.

What’s there in a name? For App, there is a lot to a name

Your app name can also play important role in boosting your app downloads. Make sure it is descriptive, easy to speak, and it has popular keyword covered.

Develop a sharable app

If your app has great UX design that delivers excellent user experience and cool features, people would love to share it!

Optimization for the app stores

App store optimization is inevitable and one of the most important factors of mobile app marketing. You simply need to focus on the title, description and Meta tag of the app download page using the right or relevant keywords to make your app easily found by the users.

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