7 Reasons Why Should You Migrate to Magento 2 in 2018

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December 14, 2018


7 Reasons Why Should You Migrate to Magento 2 in 2018

With so many advanced and improved features, Magento 2 has already been released over two years ago. It was a great upgrade, providing several new features and improvements to the platform. However, many Magento stores owners haven’t upgraded their version. The choice is a bit easy to understand since migration to Magento 2 required several modifications need to be made by an experienced developer. But, do you know that Magento 2 has come up with many exciting features which provide better performance while making content management easier for a non-technical person.

Though Magento 2.0 has been hyped for many years but every software has an expiry date, and it’s always better to upgrade. Magento 2.0 has achieved good reviews from developers and aspiring startups. Many online retailers requested the updated version of this popular eCommerce platform.

If you are looking to get better admin interface and improved performance with your existing ecommerce website, you must think about migration. Here are 7 things every business owner and developer love about Magento 2:

  • Visual Design Editor

One of the biggest new features of Magento 2 is the Visual Design Editor. The Visual Design Editor makes it possible to visually adjust themes via the CMS. As a website owner, you can easily make changes yourself and you are not always dependent on the developer for customization.

  • Improved Speed

Magento is a relatively heavy system and can be slow without the right hosting and configuration. With the arrival of Magento 2, the way platform proceeds certain procedures have improved by 20% compared to the Magento 1.x version. Generating static content, and compiling the Magento platform has become much faster. In addition, the indexation process has also been greatly improved so that the storage and re-indexing of products (a process that platform runs in the background) are faster and gives a more streamlined feeling. This improvement will boost the speed of your store and definitely have a positive effect on the sales.

  • Improved Interface

Magento 2 comes with a new interface which is easy to manage. The new look & feel looks tighter and more modern, which strongly benefits the clarity. It allows you as a user to find your way even faster in the system. Moreover, there are some changes in the look and feel of this process. The company name of the store is better shown on the statements and an improved fraud score system has also been added.

  • Payment Method Adjustments

The new version contains several improvements for the payment platforms of PayPal, Authorize.net and Braintree. The Magento payment module has been substantially taken up. The payment method has become a lot faster for returning visitors. The new functionality introduced makes it possible to save your payment data for future use in the store. It means customers no longer have to enter their payment details again & again.

  • Faster and Easier Product Management

Thanks to the update, it is now possible to quickly create more variations on products so the most common problem has now finally been addressed This eliminates the need for cumbersome procedures to make multiple sub-products under a main configurable product.

  • New API Endpoints

The Magento Sales module has been extended with new API End-points. It makes it possible to make refunds and credit notes via the API. Previously this was only possible in the ADMIN interface section. Now, it can also be done with API which gives a lot of possibilities for links and extensions. Now, you can create credit memos, update status of an invoice, add details and descriptions and send the customer an update with ease.

  • Shopping Cart And Checkout Improvements

There is a huge list of small and big improvements in this crucial area. So it is now possible to refresh the page without losing all your order data and shipping method. The checkout now shows notifications of changes in your shopping basket. The HTTP 500 error messages that came up regularly no longer occur and several JavaScript errors have also been solved.


Most online retailers are quickly migrating towards Magento 2 because previous versions may not be supported from next year. Despite, some of them are also migrating rapidly because it makes sense to grab all the amazing features which come loaded with Magento 2. Rather than waiting until the last moment to migrate your ecommerce website, it’s better to do it as soon as possible to avail the benefits.

If you are facing difficulties in Migrating to Magento 2, simply fill out the contact form, and we will help you at best with your request. With the great infrastructure strength and a highly-experienced team of developers, Baymediasoft is known as the best Magento development company who has built several highly-professional ecommerce websites for the global clients.

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