5 Biggest WordPress Myths You Must Need To Know.

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December 15, 2018


5 Biggest WordPress Myths You Must Need To Know.

Having practiced the masterpiece of software primarily, you must be thinking that you have accomplished pretty enough of impossible with WordPress.

Currently one of the globally dominating and popular CMS platforms is WordPress which accounts over 25% of websites on the Cyberspace. Websites build on WordPress gets the cutting edge over the competition among the plenty.

Despite its immense prevalence, several myths and misinterpretations are associated with WordPress as Content Management System.

The write-up puts an end to some of the most common and biggest WordPress myths. These might have kept you far from going more interestingly with a platform which is like no other.

WordPress is Not Just a Blogging Platform

WordPress dawned as a blogging platform. Though, it has emerged and developed today as powerfully rich content management system (CMS) over the years.

Definitely, all these websites in the prominent share of WordPress are not just personal blogs. Some names of top-shelf websites trust WordPress for their web presence – Harvard Law School, ViralNova, TechCrunch, and Microsoft and some more are not just blog websites which overthrow the most common myth.

WordPress Scalability

Just because WordPress is “free” or a “community project” is it appropriate to raise questions on its the scalability?

Most of the Business owners are worried about the scalability of WordPress and believe that it may break with increasing traffic.

In an issue like this, when the website goes falling due to traffic, everything has to do with the web host, not with the platform – WordPress. WordPress supports your site despite the traffic quantity or volume generated.

WordPress Security

Hackers try to exploit any software’s vulnerability even if it’s the smallest, so it’s not just WordPress. Considering the popularity of WordPress which is pretty significant, it is a targeted platform, which is not due to any holes in the security.

Over the ten years since its development, the platform has brought a revolutionary change in the web world, and its popularity is rising higher, better and more secure every break of the day.

Every update pulls in enhanced features and tightens the security measurements. Additionally, also WordPress has plethora of security plugins which you can install for leveling the security checks.

WordPress is eCommerce inefficient

WordPress community currently has seen an advent of limitless functional frameworks and the ecommerce plugins for the platform simplifies the e-store building process. With the efficient WordPress plugins such as Woocommerce, WP ecommerce and Easy Digital Downloads you can create a full fledge eCommerce store.

WordPress Plugins are evasively tricky

Plugins enhance the WordPress site functionality in ways of improbable enabling you with much potential. You need to add such plugins, which are most relevant to install and use and further supports your business needs, in the most recent version.


The write-up uproots all the commonly associated myths with WordPress. WordPress is not restricted as Blogging Platform, but gives more of an effective web presence. You can build any kind of Business Websites with WordPress.

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