2016 Election Day: Donald Trump Wins Presidency – 5 Things that make him an Ideal President

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December 14, 2018


2016 Election Day: Donald Trump Wins Presidency – 5 Things that make him an Ideal President

According to General Election Dashboard, Donald Trump wins the 2016 presidential election. While breaking the Hillary Clinton’s “firewall” by winning Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, he won all the solid red states including Ohio and Iowa. A candidate must win 270 electoral votes in order to win the presidency and surprisingly Donald Trump wins 276 votes.

So, what do you think? Would Donald Trump be a good president? We have covered 5 amazing things about Trump that makes him the right choice for the USA President 2016:

He is tough

Trump might have come across as incredibly arrogant on several occasions, but he believes in American exceptionalism. He is quite tough and has confidence in what he says at all times. Trump does not lack in the backbone that will be an excellent quality for the United States’ president.

He can make deals

One of the best qualities Trump does have the capability to make a deal -something that he has done all of his life. When it comes to governing an economy, he is highly experienced. He is capable of bringing the USA back from insolvency by creating new jobs.

He can’t be bought

Trump can’t be owned by anyone, he can’t be bought by anyone. With a self-confidence and powerful personality, he is a rich person that might not be perfectly suited for politics. But, Trump won’t have to return any favors as he has paid for his own campaign. He will be a self-assured yet powerful President.

He knows how to build an empire

We all know that Donald Trump is incredibly rich and his record for business success demonstrates that he knows how to create a powerful empire. Immigration is the biggest issue affecting the America today, and there is only one leader who can come up with a practical solution.

He seriously loves education

Trump has already written a book on making deals, and he is undoubtedly a great negotiator who knows how to handle complex deals. He has also emphasized his views in the strong military and free enterprise. He has frequently said that education is key and he would love to invest money for creating a better education system.

With these amazing qualities and capabilities, Donald Trump proves himself as the right candidates for Presidency. And, it would be exciting to see him as the Honorable President of America.

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