AngularJs – An Ideal Platform to Build Dynamic Web Applications

Being a front-end website developer, you highly need to rely on JavaScript (JS) to build the interacting aspects of a site that visitors see in their browsers. Speaking of JS, there are several frameworks and libraries available used to streamline and simplify the complex code. AngularJS is a widely-used JavaScript framework which gives developers everything they require to set up the front-end of a web application with a modular program and great support community.

Simplifies the web app development

AngularJS is known as the most popular JavaScript framework which was launched with the motive of simplifying the web app development. It is widely used to build single page dynamic, web applications.

  • It supports the Model View Controller (MVC) programming structure.
  • Several mobile websites such as Google, HBO, and Virgin America are powered by AngularJS.
  • Developed by Google, it is an open-source JavaScript framework.
  • It can be added to any HTML page using a <script> tag.

Builds dynamic web apps

AngularJS simplifies the problem of creating complex dynamic web apps. It allows you to boost the functionality of HTML by providing you with the ability to build new constructs using Angular directives. It efficiently extracts the need of using DOM (Document Object Model) manipulation and allows you to use simple elements that can be added directly into an HTML template.

Provides a Declarative UI

Most modern apps today use JavaScript in different ways to display and manage the data of the applications. It leads to complexity in logic where the HTML of a web page requires to be consistently modified and redeveloped to display information created in JavaScript’s design. AngularJS uses a declarative approach to represent the data that more closely imitates the purpose behind the design of HTML. In simple words, AngularJS enables you to focus on what is displayed instead of focusing on how it is displayed.

Why Should You Use AngularJS?

If you are looking forward to creating dynamic single-page applications (SPAs); AngularJS is an ideal option for you. Trusted by several website developers, it is a framework specially designed for CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) apps. There are several advantages of using AngularJS for the front-end of your site. The main advantage is its usage in the MEAN stack (ExpressJS, MongoDB, Node.js, and AngularJS) that makes it easy to use JavaScript as the programming language for both front end and back end development. MEAN can do everything that the Linux, MySQL, Apache, and PHP stack performs with the same language used on your website’s front end.

  • AngularJS uses the shortest & simplest code.
  • It can be used to build some powerful web applications such as Gmail.
  • The Code organization divides up large-scale work with a team that makes testing and debugging a breeze.
  • It can be paired with AJAX to boost the speed.
  • It can be integrated well with a Rails workflow as they use the same ideology and code structure.
  • It’s an ideal option for top-down development.
  • It is capable of handling user interaction using forms.
  • It comes with reliable tools and support from the Google community.
  • Comes with an easy-to-navigate admin area, its validation side is great.
  • It works perfectly with the C & ASP.NET framework.

Though AngularJS is a great fit for almost all kind of SPA web applications. But, you must consider following points before making any decision:

  • If your upcoming web application is going to be simpler, then you don’t need to choose AngularJS. You can also go with some other light frameworks such as Backbone.js.
  • AngularJS is not recommended for fast or tricky DOM manipulation.

AngularJS is a comprehensive JavaScript framework that can make your presentation layer more robust and maintainable. You can wisely use it to improve the data presentation of your app and prevent long-term pitfalls that can give additional complexity and costs to the web development process. Laravel is another popular framework used to build highly advanced web applications. Today, Laravel web development is also preferred by most of the users. Before choosing any framework or technology, it’s vital to deeply understand your project and goals with the product you are coming with.

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