Engagement Models

Simplifying Success with BayMediaSoft’s Engagement Models

Baymediasoft is a leading provider of end-to-end Mobile app & web development solutions, with a focus to strengthen your online presence and success. We offer dedicated engagement models, tailor-made to fit into your working solutions. Our IT outsourcing models are most suitable for startups and small and medium businesses, designed to deliver high-quality, reliable solutions in affordable cost.

Based on unique project requirements, complexities and volatility of your business, we recommend 3 types of Engagement Models – Fixed Cost Model, Project-Based Model, and Hire Dedicated Developer. Our highly flexible engagement models help us to provide consistent, long-term services to the clients to achieve all round satisfaction. We ensure maximum gains at minimum risks.

Depending on your specific needs, choose from one of our IT outsourcing models and we will provide the best services to make your project a success.

Fixed Cost Model

For projects that are clearly outlined, we offer a Fixed Cost engagement model, wherein we quote a fixed price at the outset and project development is carried out within the prescribed cost framework.

  • Low risk
  • On-time, on-budget project delivery
  • Cost, deliverables and timelines are defined clearly in the beginning
  • Based on waterfall project development methodology
  • New schedules and additional cost, if any, is charged on fixed hourly rate pre-decided
  • Guaranteed results within a pre-defined time and cost

Project Based Model

The Project Based model is recommended when project specifications, scope and implementation cannot be outlined clearly. The client is charged as per the total number of man hours involved in the project development process.

  • Project specifications, features and requirements may evolve at any phase
  • Dedicated project management
  • Clearly defined project development strategies
  • We work in collaboration of the client
  • Detailed reporting to help determine the exact hours that are spent on the project
  • Full transparency
  • Flexibility pertaining to creating project specifications

Hire Dedicated Developer

Hire Dedicated Developer model is highly suitable when the client wants complete control over the project development team and resources involved in the process.

  • An offshore team that comprise of our best Internet Marketing solution providers who complement the client’s project needs and skill set
  • The team works exclusively for the client at our development center
  • Security and infrastructure designed as per specific standards and requirements of the client
  • Minimum risk
  • Have direct control and involvement via Live chat or conferencing
  • Intellectual Property Rights protection
  • Cost-effective IT solution

Baymediasoft is the most trusted development partner, offering the best-in-class website design and development, mobile app development, Custom WordPress development and internet marketing solutions. Our highly flexible and cost-effective engagement models are designed for best fit into your project specifications, budget and time.

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