10 Essential Magento Extensions That You Should Have On Your Magento Based Ecommerce Store

Whether you already have a Magento store ready or have one under development process, this post is going to be of great use for you. When you have an eCommerce website, meaning a web based store, there is a plenty of things to manage including inventory, product information, shipping information and customers’ personal information.

Thus, in addition to its standard software, Magento offers a whole gamut of extensions which help you customize your web based store in line with your particular business requirements and objectives. To make your job even easier, I have complied 10 best Magento extensions your online store must incorporate for more efficient running of your online business.

10 Best Magento Extensions Your Magento Store Must Have

1. Search: Sphinx Search Ultimate

Sphinx search Extension

Price: $149.00

Though Magento software comes with basic ‘search’ option, it is less likely to ensure 100% efficient functioning for the ‘Search’ option of your Magento store. This is when Sphinx Search Ultimate comes on the scene. It has features like auto-complete, suggestions and spell-correction that help customer find the desired product more easily and quickly.

Empowering the search capability of more than 1471 Magento stores, there is no doubt that Search Ultimate is the most recommended search module for your Magento ecommerce sites. With this extension integrated to your store, visitors to your site will be able to search by product, category of the product and even based on product information. Overall, it will help increasing the conversion rate.

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2. Import/Export Products

custom bulk product

Price: $99.99

With the help of this extension, you will be able to import and/or export over 25,000 products to/from your online store. It lets you export product price, description, category and all other information. Later, you can use the same file to import the product data back to the store. It lets you do customized import in the easiest and fastest way. Anytime you want to update the product data on your Magento store, having this extension integrated already will make your job easy!

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3. Blog

blog extension

Price: Free

This Magento Blog extension can work as a silent salesman for your online store. You can publish some useful and interesting information in form of blog in a timely manner, which will help increase customer base. You can also optimize the blog content for SEO perspective, which will eventually get you more visibility over the web. You can also share new product arrival, features, news, customer feedbacks and a lot more using this flagship Magento extension!

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4. CreareSEO

CreareSEO extension

Price: Free

With their many years of experience and peerless expertise in both Magento and SEO, Creare, the developer of this Magento extension named as CreareSEO, aims to help Magento store owners leverage optimal SEO performance. Integrating this Magento SEO extension to your online store, you will be able to avoid issue of duplicate content and 404 page error. The extension comes with many features like HTML sitemap, 301 redirect for discontinued products, universal analytics support, social media schema and Google tag manager support to name a few.

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5. Social Share

social share extension

Price: Free

It is the best Magento social media extension we have out there. It lets you configure social media buttons to your store in the simplest possible way. This Magento extension enables your store visitors to share and connect to top 4 social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Interest.

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6. Extended Product Grid with Editor

extended product grid extension

Price: $99.00

This Magento extension published by the developers Amasty has simplified the process of adding or editing information in product grids like never before. You can change product attributes like price, name, etc directly on the grid itself. What’s more, this extension lets you change column order with quick drag and drop. It comes with many other features that ultimately makes product page editing a real fun! It also helps you manage product attributes more accurately.

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7. ebizmarts – MageMonkey

mailchimp extension

Price: Free

This is an official MailChimp and Mandrill Extension to your Magento store. Some primary benefits of the extension include sending autoresponder emails (on customer birthday, no customer activity, related products, etc.), sending transaction emails and embracing subscription option at checkout.

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8. Review Booster

review booster extension

Price: $99.00

You probably know how product reviews play an important role in buyers’ decision-making process. If you want to get more reviews for your store products and also want to showcase them in the most strategic manner such that it helps get new sales, integrate ‘Review Booster’ to your Magento store.

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9. One Step Checkout

one step checkout extension

Price: $149.00

This one step checkout extension by Magento community is a boon to both store owners as well as online shoppers. This extension module with all display all checkout steps on a single page, so buyers can quickly fill in all required information and there is no need to go back if they need to edit any information filled in earlier step. Try it to learn more about its benefits!

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10. Cache ― Full Page Cache (FPC)

Full page cache extension


Browse Google and you will find a large number of articles discussing how page loading time impacts on online sales. This Magento cache extension will leverage the cache feature of browsers to optimize page loading speed and eventually help in achieving higher sales conversion.

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These are some essential plugins for every Magento based e-commerce store. If you have a Magento based e-commerce store and need any help regarding Magento development and customization then, please feel free to contact us. We promise you to provide the best possible solution at an affordable price.

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