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Know Why Travelers Prefer Planning on Mobile Apps Over Websites


The time when people used to spend hours on the desktops to plan outdoor trips exists no more today. We live in a world of the mobile app where everything and at any time of the day is now possible for people on their fingertips. The technological advancements in mobile app development have created an […]

Top 6 Features of Successful Android Application Development


Thanks to the technological advancements the features of mobile apps are making things pretty smooth now. We can, now, virtually do everything just with a tap on our smartphones – right from booking tickets for movies, trains, buses, flights to paying the bills! And this wouldn’t be possible if there were no mobile apps! The […]

What Makes Mobile App Development the Digital Heart of Your Business Strategy?


All businesses today, no matter what their industry is or size, going mobile is the heart of their strategy. Mobile app development has jumped to the forefront of every business sector and all the market segments. Mobile strategy is as usual and necessary as an IT strategy of business. But the way in which the […]

Top 10 App Makers to Build Your Own Mobile App in 2017


When business owners look for the best app makers or platforms, they mostly search the solutions that are economical and help them develop professional-looking apps without in-depth knowledge of coding. They also look for essential features such as amazing templates, social media integration, push notifications, loyalty programs, location-based services, custom options, and the capability to […]

Top 7 Mobile App Development Trends to Look Out for in 2017


Smartphones today are an inseparable part of our everyday lives. From beginning our day with a morning alarm, using WhatsApp to check for any message, reading news, to listening to music, watching YouTube videos, checking emails, and so on, mobile devices execute everything seamlessly. For now, over 2.1 Billion people globally own a smartphone and […]

Google Pixel XL vs iPhone 7 Plus: Let’s have a Quick Review


With the launch of iPhone 7 Plus, Apple claimed that it is the best smartphone when it comes to quality, camera performance, and appearances. But, Google recently launched its brand new phone – Pixels that got the better score than the iPhone 7 in several tests. Google also claimed that its smartphones could offer the […]

How to play Pokémon Go: The Ultimate Guide to become a Pokémaster


In a very short time-frame, Pokémon Go has become the most popular game among the youngsters as well as kids.Most of the people still do not understand the tricks of this amazing game.If you are also confused about how it works, then this post may help you becoming a Pokémon master. Here are some basic […]

The best iPhone Fitness apps that you must use in 2016


Nowadays, you can find a large number of fitness apps on the iOS app store. These iPhone Fitness apps keep track of your biometric data and as well as record your steps while using the Apple’s M8 and M7 co-processor. With the help of these apps, you can even share your daily updates with your […]

The best mobile web design trends that must be followed in 2016


Being a web designer, you must know what the latest and upcoming designing trends are. The knowledge of current web trends will help you stay ahead of the competition and meet the needs of your customers. Nowadays, websites are following very different trends, and it is necessary to go with them. Here are some of […]

Top 5 Mobile App Development Frameworks to Create Amazing Mobile Applications


If your marketing strategies are primarily related to public communications, a mobile app will definitely make sense as a solid first step in your mobile outreach tactics. An innovative mobile app will help you target a large number of audiences in the most effective way. There are a wide range of mobile app frameworks available […]