Why do Filmmakers Need a Beautiful Website?


Today, most bloggers, musicians, trainers, realtors, and photographers maintain their own websites that show the quality of their work. In this highly-competitive digital era, every professional needs a website that can help them grow their business or fan following.Filmmakers or directors also need to come up with a website that will serve as a strong […]

How to Create Amazing Landing Pages to Improve Your Conversion Rate‎?


As a website owner, you must understand the importance of landing page. It is the most significant page of your site where a user lands after clicking on an advertisement i.e. Google text ad or display ad. Most inexperienced digital marketers often direct PPC traffic to their homepage, but this is a big mistake that […]

Top 10 App Makers to Build Your Own Mobile App in 2017


When business owners look for the best app makers or platforms, they mostly search the solutions that are economical and help them develop professional-looking apps without in-depth knowledge of coding. They also look for essential features such as amazing templates, social media integration, push notifications, loyalty programs, location-based services, custom options, and the capability to […]

Most Popular Ecommerce Trends that will Rule 2017


We are all aware of the fact that we’re living in a highly competitive digital world. Mobile eCommerce is rapidly increasing, and it will get more popularity in 2017. With more than $22 trillion spent, online spending has touched its all-time high in 2016. This big number reveals that this trend will not be slowing […]

Top 5 Mobile App Ecommerce Features to Consider in 2017


Shoppers today are quickly shifting to the mobile shopping due to easiness & quick access. Though every business needs to come up with a mobile app that will deliver a fantastic user experience and makes it easy for buyers to navigate through a large number of products. Nowadays, several businesses are launching their ecommerce apps, […]

Secret Reveals: Effective Conversion Rate Optimization Tips for 2017


Conversion rate optimization (CRO) helps you evaluate your website’s sales and traffic in order to figure out the ways you can enhance your site performance. Your website’s homepage, pricing page, landing pages, blogs, and speed might affect the conversions. And, you can optimize all these factors that might give an amazing experience to your site […]

Why should Real Estate Agents have an Amazing Website?


In this modern digital world, most people turn to the internet while searching for new homes. As it is easy to grab a smartphone and find the desired residence from a wide range of estates listed online. However, it’s hard for a real estate agent to be successful nowadays without finding a way to market […]

Secret Reveals: New Technologies that might Dominate 2017


2016 is pretty much over, and now we can look at how far we have come with technology. We have seen several new gadgets in 2016 that you might be using today but what’s next? With the advanced and fastest growing techs, 2017 is almost here. And, it’s not easy to divine what the future […]

How to Convert Black Money into White Money? Things You need to Remember


When Prime Minister of India – Narendra Modi took the big step of demonetizing Rs. 1,000 and Rs. 500 notes, most of the tax evaders start seeking help from Google, with “How to convert black money into white money”. And, this phrase has become one of the top queries on all the major search engines […]

2016 Election Day: Donald Trump Wins Presidency – 5 Things that make him an Ideal President


According to General Election Dashboard, Donald Trump wins the 2016 presidential election. While breaking the Hillary Clinton’s “firewall” by winning Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, he won all the solid red states including Ohio and Iowa. A candidate must win 270 electoral votes in order to win the presidency and surprisingly Donald Trump wins 276 votes. So, […]